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"What is Judicial Restraint?" By Bruce Frohnen

Arguments about judicial restraint are not often principled arguments about jurisprudence; instead, they’re politics by other means. When the Court is conservative, as it is now, liberal legal scholars tend to urge judicial restraint; when the court is liberal, it’s conservatives who urge restraint. 1,563 more words

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From Dahlia Lithwick: "Scales of Justice"

It’s almost the weekend and definitely time for some comic relief…The below is a well written article of what must have been an unusually humorous (given the Justices involved) and good-natured day at court. 1,654 more words

Bond V United States

Guilty pleasure

In my post, The evisceration of Dahlia Lithwick, I referred to Ms.Lithwick as being “very bright.” Among a lot of other things, I also added: ” Lithwick can be a tiresome scold. 265 more words

The evisceration of Dahlia Lithwick

If you want to read a great piece of critical legal writing, page through Scott Greenfield’s piece Horse-Trading Constitutional Rights. Scott incisively dissects a poorly reasoned article written by the very bright Dahlia Lithwick for… 66 more words