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The "Community".

I’ve heard plenty of people in the LGBTQ community say that they’re some of the most welcoming, comforting, accepting people. And you would think they have every reason to be. 1,030 more words



…and your spit will land right back- splat! in your face. I believe the closest English equivalent of this graphic Farsi proverb is “cutting off your nose to spite your face”- but this has an unpleasant and unnecessary violence which the gentle, humorous Farsi version lacks. 462 more words


Self Inflicted House Arrest

Today, yet again I was woken up by the fearful cries of my cell mate who was far too young to be in here. After a few minutes of just lying there and savoring the little snippets of my dreams that still remained, I dragged myself out into the bitter cold. 798 more words


Pit Hair.

I was sitting in the kitchen earlier with Mom helping her make jello shots for tonight. The TV was on in the background and The Talk was on. 231 more words


Fantasy Scene

Ma’am wants to use Adam Levine. Wants to peg him, beat him, tie him up, make him Her bitch, the works. It might be the THC, but i’m finding the idea kinda hot. 106 more words


The Best Damn Clam

I’m having one of those “I’m too tired to even sit up for longer than half an hour” days today, so I only went to Cottonwood in order to drop off my membership money. 533 more words


Father & son bonding.

Mom is sick and my brother is asleep. So my stepdad had me come outside and smoke with him. Fruity Pebbles mixed with Blue Heaven. Shit was killer. 94 more words