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Here what the program looks like :) It’s pretty cute and it’s addictive.

Here are some samples of the poladroids I did ^^
If you want to do some too , all you have to do is to go… 10 more words


7 Things I like. Thursday.

Takeshi Kitano ( The Master )
Quite simply one of the best directors in the world right now,as well as being the epitome of cool in his acting persona. 139 more words



Was doing some woodworking in the garage and got deep in thought so was fidgeting. Decided to juggle with hammers. Not my best idea. One hit me in the shoulder. 33 more words



Just got home! Went to the mall for a few hours and tried to score some green. Placed my order, and gonna pick it up tomorrow! 137 more words


Doctor Called.

Got a call from the doctor trying to schedule my follow-up appointment from my most recent ER visit. Which I already had. I went to the ER last on July 11th, a Friday night. 39 more words