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Stereotyping Beach Folk, Palmer's, and Pattern on Pattern

1) Stereotyping Beach Folk

So I am currently on vacation, and yesterday at the beach I realized that there are definitely different categories of beach goers.   389 more words



Hey y’all! Just popping in to drop off more pictures from Artscape. If any of the artworks catch your eye let me know and maybe I can dig up their card and give you their info! 14 more words

Daily Adventures

Positive Train

Positive Train (Day 3)

1. I get the giggles every time that the neighborhood boys come over to visit. We, I mean everyone enjoys a good game of tag. 153 more words

Good Mournings?

This old lady was staring at me on the bus today for the longest time, so I just flashed a death stare at her. She shook, then turned her head.

NOT today.

Now And Again

Helping angel :)

On my way to the bus today, I put my foot in a hole and fell over. it hurt like h… and I tought it was broken. 101 more words


Daily Adventures II

I just watched a man eat dirt.
That’s not an exaggeration, he literally dug the dirt, stuck his finger in it, and ate some dirt. 92 more words

Now And Again

Coffee: This is what dreams are made of

Thanks, Lizzie, for flawlessly interpreting my feelings towards coffee in an up-beat Disney tune.  When I started taking the plunge into macchiatos five shots deep and extra-caffeinated coffee at RaceTrac, I realized that coffee is no longer a simple drink that can be used in times of dire need to help me study in the late hours of the night or to post on instagram… it’s a necessity.   258 more words