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NYPD guards Gawker, BuzzFeed, and Daily Beast offices after republishing Charlie Hebdo cartoons

According to Gawker, its offices along with at least two other New York media companies are under special protection of the New York Police Department, after all three outlets republished… 216 more words


Je Suis Charlie; Nous Sommes Charlie

In solidarity with those whose stand against fanaticism of any kind puts them in harm’s way…

And in love, and hope that peaceful hearts and minds will overcome those filled with hate.. 26 more words

Wing's Words

Je suis Charlie

The sad fact is there is no one else to defend them. Satirists
are reliant ultimately on the very establishment they mock.
That’s the great irony of their situation. 626 more words
Critical Thinking

Obama’s Pot Policy Is Reefer Madness

By James Poulos

Source: The Daily Beast

C’mon, Barack. Do you seriously think marijuana is as dangerous as heroin? Then why are you afraid to do something about it? 858 more words


New Year - Fresh Start

Well, now the new year really has begun.
Time to make up some resolutions, think about what will happen in 2015 and what are you supposed to do. 197 more words


Idris Elba As James Bond??? YES, According To Leaked Sony Emails


Something good has come out of this Sony hacked email mess. According to the DailyBeast.com, one of the leaked Sony emails indicates that one of the execs at Sony wants Idris to play James Bond. 52 more words

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