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Putin Poised to Retaliate by Trashing Iran Deal

Now that the U.S.-Russia relationship has broken down, Moscow could throw a wrench into the teetering nuclear negotiations with Iran.

For the The Daily Beast… 471 more words

The Daily Beast: Why Middle School Should Be Abolished


Very interesting. The point made in the article is simply that there is no institutional purpose to a “middle” school, and what we get is something that loses both the more parental contact of elementary school and the academic rigor of high school. 97 more words

[VIDEO] CNN Panel: Daily Beast's Keli Goff Compares Deporting Jose Antonio Vargas to Sending Blacks Back to Africa

“If you dropped me off in Africa, I couldn’t speak the language, I wouldn’t have any cultural ties to the continent, even though it is the continent of my origin” 319 more words

Losing the Argument on Merit, Liberal Media Turns to Wu Wu: 'Religion' and 'Mythology'

Two headlines in the last few weeks at Brietbart.com form an interesting duet…

Tony Lee writes: The New York Times editorial board believes the border crisis is merely “a myth.” 320 more words

Ten Reasons Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning

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Consider: in 2004, being gay was a fireable offense in a majority of states and in the U.S. military. 81 more words


Social Media Infographics for the Fourth of July [infographic]

Courtesy of: SurePayroll

The above infographic was suggested by Jamie Flynn The above infographic was created by Dave Landry Jr The above infographic was created by Dave Landry Jr Most of us have been angry… 334 more words

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