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It's Halloween - and I have my cushion ready

We didn’t really do Halloween when I was a child.

I’ve never lived in an environment where small children dressed up for Halloween and walked round the neighbourhood after dark, blagging sweets and threatening retribution if the treats were not forthcoming. 1,751 more words

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Tasting Australia Day 3 Think Session - Aged Care

The food served to residents living in aged care is often less than palatable, and it is thrilling that some of the top chefs in Adelaide are working towards helping that to change. 30 more words

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Halloween, a FULL month of blogging(!!) and plans for November

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Or ‘All Hallows Eve’, whichever one you like to use, HAPPY DAY.

To celebrate Halloween I want to share with you my all time favourite song at the moment, that’s given me some pretty big inspiration for two of my projects right now. 326 more words

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Twas the Night Before NaNoWriMo

Twas the Night Before NaNoWriMo (by Tammy Crosby)

Twas the night before Nanowrimo and all through the land
the writers were scrambling to plot and to plan… 87 more words

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My shelf life

Recovering from Domestic Violence

Trauma wreaks havoc with the body and the soul. The more protracted the trauma, the more entrenched the impact. The by-product of living with trauma is that it takes up residence in the body, settles into the pores, the muscles, attaches itself to the organs. 539 more words

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