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Single,more like in a relationship with my thoughts

Hey all,welcome back as always to my blog. Todays post is centered much more around your thoughts. I figured we should have a group venting session about our singledom. 345 more words

And it was about then that I realised I was half way through the best years of my life (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love China)

July 28th (Happy Birthday Slick!), 11:25 am, Shanghai, China

I’m back babydolls!

Did you miss me? I imagine by this point many of you had totally forgotten about this little blog, but here I am again! 910 more words

Daily Blog

The Glooming

Wild waters awash

strooming over rocks,

droplets dashing

across the view,

blooming clouds

scud and tumble,

white horses

gallop and stumble,


dooming the sea… 28 more words


A day in Paris

Every morning I wake up I forget that I’m in Paris, but all it takes is a quick glance out of my window and I quickly realize that I am in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 344 more words


Peace and quiet, I need that

Work life hasn’t changed a whole lot in my nearly 50 years of working. Yes, I’m 61, but Mom got me a work permit as soon as she legally could so I’ve been working more often than not since I was about 12. 233 more words


Things that sparkle and things that shine

Well Paris has been everything I wished for and more. We’ve been here for five full days and our time is going by too fast. Everyday is filled with activities and new experiences. 332 more words