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What is a good death?

On the topic of dementia and a good death, I support a person’s right to be able to choose euthanasia. However, even if legislation was passed here to support it, the way it is currently being advocated for, would mean people with dementia would have to ‘euthanise’ themselves when they are still with legal capacity, which perhaps may be a long time before they would really want to die.   297 more words

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i’ve been thinking, what if i just forgot about every guy that i’ve ever liked. i dont like the hope that i get at first, and then the depression when i finally accept that nothing is going to happen. 123 more words


Blood, mud, and bus rides.

Today was an adventure, and that doesn’t happen too often anymore. I think school and responsibilities really do get in the way of having fun – and that’s what I should be doing at my age, having fun. 437 more words



On Thursday I had my midterm practical exam for Massage therapy. For the test we had to perform a full one hour Swedish massage on our instructor. 87 more words

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Mini LUSH Haul

While I was at the airport the other day, I stopped by LUSH. Unfortunately, the only two LUSH stores near me are about an hour away so now when I go to the airport, I make sure to stop by the LUSH store. 152 more words

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Is It Me?

She used to be a pearl

Yesterday I found myself standing in the shower, motionless, lost in thought just letting the water pour over my body… 1,077 more words

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Day Twenty Four: One Game Down...

…Oh so many left to go.

I finished Child of Light today, which I really, really loved. I also finished logging my backlog. I found a… 271 more words