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Law of Attraction needs a little Push

Have you ever Listened to a motivational speaker? By the end of the talk, you would almost crawl over broken glass to get to your goals, wouldn’t you? 450 more words

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The Art of the Hustle (Part I)

By Chuck Checkman, TrickingIsTricking.com

Hustling is relatively an artform that most humans will never understand nor comprehend. The term nowadays is loosely coined by those of whom frequently associate its origins of meaning with that of being either proficient or adept at obtaining income by executing some course of illegality. 68 more words

August 2014 - Marisa Donnelly, Senior

Waldorf College’s Writer of the Month, August 2014

Marisa Donnelly, Senior

Marisa Donnelly was chosen as the August 2014 Writer of the Month because of her dedication to writing this summer.  430 more words

August 2014

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"Reasons Why I Love My Mother" by Marisa Donnelly

Reasons Why I Love My Mother

By Marisa Donnelly
2013 Salveson Prize in Poetry


I am

not what you say

though my scrambled eggs

are always runny, 100 more words


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Will I Ever Find Love? (Day 3: 8-25-2014)

Living in a world where a strong marriage and true love doesn’t exist, It makes it hard to believe in love. When I grow up, I want to marry the man I love. 517 more words

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Thinking about Memoir - 8/26/14

Write a story that matters. Well, yeah. That makes sense. But what matters to people? See, that’s my struggle. Sitting in my creative non-fiction workshop, I find myself scanning over my life like it’s a flip picture book. 123 more words

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I'm Not A Daddy's Girl! (Day 2: 8-24-2014)

To make a long story short my father has been in and out of my life. My parents divorced before I was even a year old. 479 more words

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