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What do Snowflakes, Tornadoes and your Friends have in common?

Got a Friend that you secretly think is sometimes “Flaky”?

You’re probably right. Actually, I think we all are Flaky.  Here’s why.

Let’s take a very short escape from summer and look at a Snowflake.   460 more words

Daily Blogs

a breath of peace before the inhalation of a new work-week...

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.

(Thank you, Instagram, for making my life seem more beautiful than it really is.)

Breakfast With Words

This One Simple Equation is the Secret to Live the Life You Want

OK, here’s what it’s all about. The real key in life is your Momentum.

Allow me to re-hash a little 8th grade Science, and then to hack it with an updated Quantum dimension to it.  585 more words

Daily Blogs

Reflections on Growing Up

I grew up here. A little house along the side of the road in the south. Summers were hot and steamy. Winters were cold (or at least I thought they were!). 482 more words

Daily Blogs

Day 16/17: We arrived in Vietnam and so did Typhoon Rammasun

I obviously want to start the blog saying we are two happy backpackers because we found out that Josh got into medical school (!!!!) on our last morning in Chiang Rai. 677 more words

YOU'RE having a GREAT day!

World’s shortest blog, but still the Truth!

If this does NOT belong to you – YOU are having a great day. 

  • Have a great day, and focus on the things that are going right for you!
  • 43 more words
Daily Blogs

How to Get into Diet and Exercise

I hate to exercise. I love to eat extremely unhealthy foods. When you start to exercise and diet, you don’t have to give these things up! 611 more words

Daily Blogs