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Stress Challenge

Take our Stress Challenge and change your bedtime ritual: Turn off your TV and computer an hour before bed. Then, spend time relaxing before you head to bed!

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Cheese Packaging

I was handed an interesting dilemma at the supermarket the other day. I was at the supermarket picking up a few things to supplement my stash of basics at home. 217 more words

Living Plastic-Free

A Bit Crap

Ahhh I’m sorry I have been a bit crap lately with my blogging. I am very good at starting something. But following through is not my forte. 39 more words

Living Plastic-Free

Carrie and Becky’s Daily Challenge 7-26-14

Today’s Challenge: Try something new… a new activity, a new outing, get online and search for something new to do this weekend… Shake things up! :-)


Weight Challenge

Weigh yourself once a week. It may help you better manage your weight.