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There Is No Box

There is No Box

Fit neatly into the little area we have reserved for you.  That’s the general message.

It’s abundantly clear, though, that there is no box to fit into for parenting. 815 more words

A Broken Bed

A Broken Bed

There are actually a series of things that led to the end of this particular evening.

It actually started last week.  The kitchen chairs we’d owned since a 5-year stint in Texas were dying.   804 more words

"This Impromptu Dance"

I don’t often just reprint what another has written.  However . . . there’s a first time for everything.

I read this piece from NPR that prints a letter from Geoffrey Holder – the actor and choreographer – who passed away this week.   1,870 more words

A Cold Shot

Cold Shot

Allow me to got back to my past where I was simply a teenager, just met a blonde woman who would one day turn my world on its ear, and was an aspiring guitarist. 860 more words

A Technological Decision

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A Technological Decision

I had a person ask me today what limits I put on my kids’ use of their phone.

Imagine the horror in their faces when I told that same person that only my daughters – ages 19 and 15 at this writing – are the only kids with cell phones.   570 more words

One of the Guys

One of the Boys

It isn’t often that we run around town and do errands and generally exhaust ourselves.  Still…that’s what this weekend was.  I had Friday off and as a result I took the kids to the movies. 472 more words

Parental Baking Backlash

Parental Baking Backlash

The picture of cookies wasn’t meant to be the ire of some parenting critics.

Still . . . critics are all over the problems of corporal punishment after the NFL feels the backlash from yet another knucklehead.   858 more words