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I write a lot here about my immediate family . . . and my songwriting process and all my efforts to move forward.

This, however, is about my brother. 110 more words

A Trigger Pulled

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A Trigger Pulled

Grief is sometimes like a game of Russian Roulette except it’s someone else’s finger on the trigger.

That may sound a bit harsh, (Okay, it’s really harsh) but it’s true. 839 more words

Step Back and See

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Step Back and See

“It all goes by so fast,” or the similar phrase “Time flies” are old chestnuts you hear as a parent.   830 more words

There Is No Box

There is No Box

Fit neatly into the little area we have reserved for you.  That’s the general message.

It’s abundantly clear, though, that there is no box to fit into for parenting. 815 more words

A Broken Bed

A Broken Bed

There are actually a series of things that led to the end of this particular evening.

It actually started last week.  The kitchen chairs we’d owned since a 5-year stint in Texas were dying.   804 more words

"This Impromptu Dance"

I don’t often just reprint what another has written.  However . . . there’s a first time for everything.

I read this piece from NPR that prints a letter from Geoffrey Holder – the actor and choreographer – who passed away this week.   1,870 more words

A Cold Shot

Cold Shot

Allow me to got back to my past where I was simply a teenager, just met a blonde woman who would one day turn my world on its ear, and was an aspiring guitarist. 860 more words