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04. Pilgrimage to the OG Disney Homeland

Last year I made my first epic (solo!) jaunt to the West Coast to attend my first D23 Expo. I’ll be returning next year for 2015, and I figured I could hold off on scheduling any more cross-country trips until then. 659 more words


03. Disney is going to the dogs

Happy national dog day! In honor of our beloved furry friends, here’s some of my favorite puppy pins:

I’m definitely missing a few. Who’s your favorite Disney canine?


02. Disney Fairytale Designer Couples part two: Night of the Living Doll

I love the smell of a Disney merch announcement in the morning.

Today Disney Store announced that the much anticipated second half of the Disney Fairytale Designer Couples collection will launch for online presale next Tuesday, September 2nd (Time TBD, but it’s assumed the internet debut will be at 12 PM PT, same as previous collections). 275 more words


Disney Fact #151

I’ve never been on this ride, but I can say I’m glad that things worked out this way anyways. Originally, the heart-stopping Rock N’ RollerĀ Coaster was supposed to play music by the Rolling Stones band. 37 more words

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Disney Fact #150

Walt Disney World certainly has a way of using all our senses to submerge us into their magical world. One of the strongest senses that is commonly played on in the parks is our sense of smell. 35 more words

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Disney Fact #149

In the Pixar movie The Incredible‘s, Mr. Incredible is on a chase. If you listen carefully, the street name that the dispatcher announces is “San Pablo Avenue” – which is the name of the street that the Pixar Headquarters is on. 22 more words

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Disney Fact #148

In “The Voyage of the Little Mermaid” attraction at Hollywood Studios, helium is added to the bubble makers to create bubbles that float up instead of down.

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