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Selena Gomez Braless, Lauren Tannehill Screws Hospital & U.S. Airways Vibrator

Mmmmmm, Yankees-Red Sox tonight at 7 EST. I’d recommend Bruins-Red Wings at 7:30 on NBCSN. You have to think Red Wings fan pulls off something interesting for the Internet. 90 more words

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Kate Upton Loves Her Boobs, WWE NSFW Ref Thumb & UK Bank Robber Tats


Go ahead, waste your Saturday watching approximately 12 hours of NBA playoffs coverage. Waste your life away. Or you can switch back and forth between the Alabama and Auburn spring games. 72 more words

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New Serena Williams Bikini Pics, McNabb DUI & Papelbon Rips Nasty Fart

You get Reds-Cubs at Wrigley on a beautiful Friday afternoon with a traditional 2 EST first pitch on WGN. What better way to spend Good Friday than watching the 21-40 crowd get drunk in the bleachers. 99 more words

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More Tay Swift Leg Action, Fat Leonardo & Malkin Nut Taps Sidney

Soccer nerds will be going nuts today over Copa del Rey. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid at 3:25 on ESPN. Don’t fall for their trap. Focus your day on Pirates-Reds at 12:30 and the NHL playoffs tonight on CNBC & NBCSN. 85 more words

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Taylor Swift's Legs In Jorts, Cromartie Gets Lap Dance & Sheridyn Fisher!

Tonight on the Golf Channel you get part three of the Arnold Palmer documentary. Or you can count the fans sitting in the expensive Yankees Stadium seats during the Cubs game. 88 more words

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