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XXXI: Birthday Girl

Today has been a hodgepodge of oddities. From not being able to locate a stud in a wall for two hours at the office, to making three hardware store trips, to the enjoyment of Jim Gaffigan, I’ve done about all of it today. 186 more words

Daily Events

XXXI: Out of Sync

Today, as a whole, made absolutely no sense. It was some disastrous day, but man…it was a strange, very long one.

Note: Grab popcorn

Now, I love my job. 779 more words

Daily Events

Mobile Minutes: Time Trials

It’s nothing serious, I promise.

I’ve had my smoothie for breakfast (it’s not artificial stuff…it’s peanut butter , two bananas, some almond/coconut milk blend, hemp protein, and ice). 334 more words

Daily Events

"this is a daily blog huh?" I know I suck.

hello! I know, I know I was genuinely going to post last night but there’s a story as to why I didn’t..

ehem // yesterday I took my niece to the cinema to see  188 more words

XXXI: Focus

Amazing what random thoughts transpire over a steak at dinner…

While finishing up the weekend with Darco, we were enjoying dinner this evening and I was in mid-monologue about something that really struck me as unique; the inability to focus on the task at hand, and if it is temptation deviating from the overall goal? 498 more words

Daily Events

Mobile Minutes: Limping In

It’s definitely Friday, and it’s definitely been Friday of that kind of week. Two days in a row I’ve messed up moves at work, and made mistakes. 131 more words

Daily Events

Mobile Minutes: World's Weight

You wake up with the weight of the world pushing down on you.

That’s when you flip over your pillow and go back to sleep.


Daily Events