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04-14-14 (Day 11)


  • Squat Clean (1RM)
    • 155#
    • 155# felt easy. I cleaned 160#, but I wasn’t able to stand up with it.
Daily Grind

Remembering Ximen

Ximen (西門 | hsi-men), brimming with youthful and eclectic exuberance, remains to be one of my favorite places in Taiwan. When being an adult gets in the way of living, Ximen’s vibe, food and shopping choices remind me that Neverland is just a few train stops away.

Daily Grind

04-14-14 (Day 10)


  • Complete the following for time: 100 pullups, 100 KBS (1 pood), 100 double-unders and 100 overhead squats (65#)
    • Time: 24:52
    • Finished the 100 pullups in a new record time of 5:55.
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Daily Grind

Day 14: Action

I’m a lazy overthinker, much like Craig in Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

I think too much about the future, but I’m too lazy to do anything about it in the present. 417 more words

Daily Grind

A Day with my Sisters

Today’s double page multi-photo layout is one I started on Friday and finished up over the weekend. It’s featuring photos from Mother’s Day 2012, when my sisters and I took our children to the Wildlife Park and on a picnic. 25 more words

Day 13: Upscale

Today was obe of the best days to get out of the house, because everyone’s at home and commercial establishments are not crowded. You see, I live in the Pacquiao-crazy Philippines and the great man has a fight today. 433 more words

Daily Grind

04-12-14 (Day 9)

Started the day with competition practice for the Georgia Fitness League. I had to do Fran (Time: 3:44 min).


Skills filming

- 5 rebounding box jumps (20/24/30″ box): This was first time ever doing rebounding box jumps at 24 and 30 inches. 179 more words

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