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Where do you get your daily dose of caffeine?

A personal favorite coffee spot for us, is the UNSW Whitehouse, where you can find the infamous #coffeebyclancy.

Where is your local coffee spot?

Daily Grind

Latte Art: Pouring the pretty stuff

While there are a few baristas among us, the average Joe merely admires those patterns that top of the perfect cup of coffee. Here’s how to get the ideal cup on your own! 931 more words

Daily Grind

Hiding the bump: clothes that disguise your growing tummy

Telling my boss was a nerve wracking moment and I breathed a sigh of relief when my pregnancy was out in the open at work (a few people seemed to have noticed the decaf tea and the constant nibbling so it probably wasn’t the big surprise I thought it might be). 330 more words


It's a Brand New Week...

So I was planning to do a post on Wednesday, but I just couldn’t wait, why not?

Because I LOVE Mondays.

So many people HATE… 401 more words

What Should We Be Scared Of?

Halloween is coming, and there are some scary things in the news. Ebola. Isis. The election. *shudder*

I read an article today that said as long as you don’t live in West Africa, your odds of contracting Ebola, even with the reported procedural lapses, are worse than your odds of being crushed to death by your own TV or bookshelf. 706 more words

Daily Grind

Ainu and the Antique Store

My childhood in Pennsylvania was filled of memories of antique shops, flea markets, auctions, and estate sales. I think it was somewhere between the rows of old objects that I discovered a love of history and a passion for the hunt. 510 more words

Daily Grind