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5 Daily Ideas: 2014-12-09

1. Cubicle-on-demand, open workspaces can use it to automatically and instantly put up temp walls around noisy colleagues (on the phone, ad hoc meeting, etc..) 33 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2014-12-08

1. Phone/tablet covers displaying weather, calendar, etc
2. Smart cake frosting, design it by doodling, drawing, …
3. Business productivity app, displays calender entries w rich info on meetings, participants, last meeting minutes, relevant docs 4. 10 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2014-12-05

1. Ceiling/screen, project images, movies or the sky onto the ceiling
2. Flatrate tax, eliminate most accounting to focus on really important stuff
3. Biologically enhanced smoke for repairing CO2 damages… 16 more words

5 Daily ideas: 2014-12-04

1. Wifi battery
2. Low energy Bluetooth-enabled tools
3. LED-bricks, auto x-mas lights on house
4. Tinder for hiring
5. Self-wrapping paper, for gifts

5 Daily Ideas: 2014-12-03

1. Pillow w “fall-asleep” music
2. Projector/screen as a band-aid
3. Uber for busses (private bus routes)
4. Pen for writing (and erasing) on any surface
5. Family clouds

5 Daily Ideas: 2014-12-01

1. Self-decorating x-mas tree
2. Smart outside (x-mas) lights, turns on when the sun sets
3. Alarm clock connected to pillow/blanket, gives small electric jolts… 15 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2014-11-28

1. Child hospital/pet care institution
2. After-school code camps
3. Every city should buy each child (age 6-12) a Raspberry Pi or Arduino for x-mas… 29 more words