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Overcoming Obstacles - and a Victory Dance

You know that exact moment when you’ve overcome something and you just want to throw your fist in the air and proclaim “VICTORY!” ?  You do?   274 more words

Daily Life

Way to Go

Save for retirement starting with your first pay cheque.

Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

Don’t compare your life to others. 24 more words

Daily Life

So Vain (Come Back)

The trail’s gone cold

All you’ve believed, lies and deceit

You’ve been led astray

Pursuit of happiness, hollow and empty

A pleasure-centered life

Always focused on yourself… 196 more words


Know it, Back it, Live it

As Christians, one would think we would know the gospel perfectly, inside and out.  The truth is however, that many Christians in the American culture do not.   220 more words

Daily Life


Dear Life,

     I want to scream at you about how unfair things are. I want to throw myself into the pits of sadness and not get out of bed for days. 187 more words

Daily Life

We Search

A different Life, a better Life
Missing what stares us in the face
Every sight, sound and smell

In the trees and flowers, a sunset… 80 more words


new post, new look...NEW

here i am saying ‘new look’ yet the look may or may not be the same when you see what i am currently typing out. i decided that i will change the look, and i plan to do it tonight. 438 more words