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cooking day

Today is cooking day with empitsu class. Sensei had planned to make Indonesian food: nasi goreng and gado-gado. She asked a lot about this before and I found some difficulty in explaining about how to make gado-gado peanut sauce but luckily she found a bottle of KOKITA gado-gado sauce in Korien. 238 more words

Daily Life

Syrcus Tower - The Truth revealed: How it was really opened

Two strange people approached me.

They were wearing Allagan Clothings just in green. o.ô

Turns out, they are from the Allag culture and are able to help us access the Syrcus tower! 196 more words


Defense Mechanism of men and women

الحمد لله وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وآله وصحبه وسلم

Allaah has given every being its defense mechanism, physically and biologically. You take any bird, insect or an animal. 424 more words

Daily Life

[Sunny Side Up] Perfect Eggs Everytime!

Such a late post!
Alasannya, karena ingin menamatkan cerita Hong Kong Trip dulu kan… tapi seperti biasa, ketika lagi semangat-semangatnya menulis, eh ya ndilalah laptop akika ngambek. 724 more words

Life Happens Good

Today in my History...

I woke up depressed, woke up feeling lost. I didn’t even know why I woke up.
My alarm woke me up, but why am I waking up at this time of the day?? 64 more words

Daily Life

When buildings have beards...

… not much of their facades is seen. In this case of an 111 year old building, only the windows or parts of them and the entrance door are still accessible to the eye of the beholder. 179 more words