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Self Image

I wish my hair was curly,
Said the girl whose hair was straight,
And I wish I was flat chested,
(She had boobs she’d learnt to hate). 146 more words


Ich Spreche ein Bisschen Deutsche

“I speak a little German.” Those are the words I have said on a daily basis, more or less, since September 9, 2014. I was dropped in Bavaria, Germany to participate in a Dual Degree Program with my home university back in South Carolina. 294 more words


Beatrice d'Este vs. Cecilia Gallerani

When I first saw the picture, Lady With an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci in my world history class I was taken by the beauty of it. 470 more words

Daily Life

Thinking of what to write

There are a lot of things I want to talk about in this blog. However, something in me has changed somehow which makes me want to hold back everything I want to share: personal boundaries. 616 more words

My Daily Life!