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What's Valuable ?

How would you define valuable, is it the seen or the unseen, is it things or people, is it character or status ? We all value different things but are those things really worth the value, is the question we should ask our selfs. 25 more words

Now I can bake a 4-layer cake

New kitchen means that I don’t have to stop with a 2-layer cake. I can now do a 4-layer version. This is an old-fashioned lemon icebox cake. 11 more words


Golden slumbers

Though the insomnia monster hasn’t fully reared its head (he’s stirring a bit in hibernation), golden slumbers have definitely escaped me of late. When I do finally fall asleep, dreams are active, crazy, disturbing, tiring. 1,054 more words

Daily Life

Akdong Musician ungkap diet rutin mereka

Meskipun Akdong Musician sudah menjadi salah satu artis pendatang baru paling terkenal di Korea , mereka masih memiliki jalan sulit sebelum mereka bisa mewujudkan impian mereka – termasuk diet rutin neraka yang mereka rinci dalam otobiografi mereka ,  142 more words

Daily Life

Happy Easter

Despite lots of sickness in our family, we had a very nice holiday weekend. It was our first Easter in the new house, and the yard proved to be the perfect site for an egg hunt. 63 more words

Children's Activities

Action Park

I saw an article on Action Park today. http://io9.com/5904307/behold-the-water-slide-so-dangerous-it-was-shut-down-immediately They seemed to have dug up some old video with people trying out the Cannonball Loop. I remembered this place from youth and I loved coming to the park. 38 more words

Daily Life

After The Storm

Hear that robin?
He’s singing
about the spring.

Come outside.
Breathe the air.
Listen to the gentle chatter
of the river.

Take it all in… 18 more words