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I wake up so many mornings with a feeling that something very important and meaningful happened in the dreamworld, but I can’t quite remember what. It frustrates me, but generally I try to accept that if I don’t remember it, I don’t need to. 215 more words

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Private Chocobo Coach

For a few weeks we now have a chocobo stable in our garden.

It is a magical stable. You can only see 2 chocobos but it can hold a lot more! 229 more words


Day 178 ~ Simple is Good

How many ways can I simplify?

The question arose today as I was working on a website. I removed a lot of pages, made the pages I left much shorter – and I think clearer – and overall made it easier for visitors to know what the website is about. 49 more words

Daily Life

Təmir - repair

This times shoes – after we had keys. Interestingly, shoe and key repair are separate, while at home they often go together.

Shoe repairs are everywhere in Baku, normally in tiny, little coops. 173 more words


Coolest Disney Questions Ever

Click here: http://justadadwithquestions.wordpress.com/

Seriously, dude? How do you think of these questions? I mean, this is really cool :) You liked one of my posts, so I checked out your page, and wow, that’s pretty cool. 34 more words

Daily Life

My Little Schpiel... Ish...

Okay so… maybe you aren’t really interested in what I have to say. But I’m going to say it anyways! YAY!

So, I know it’s not my place, because I’m just an 18-year old white female in the USA. 1,759 more words

Daily Life

Ho Hey, a Banjo and Birthday Parties

Ho hey

How are we all today?

I love this song by The Lumineers and for some reason it really cheers me up and makes me think of Banjos haha… 208 more words

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