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Single Girls Guide To Dealing With Loneliness

We the single girls of above a certain age face a very real pressure, whether spoken or not, to be married. Sometimes this societal pressure, fact that you are alone and the media’s reflection of a happy relationship gets to us. 319 more words

Single Girls Guide To

My Vision Board

What it says

I am at peace with myself and the world. My relation with god is strong and my chakras are in balance. I take regular vacations , visit the spas and meditate regularly. 213 more words

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Another reason for traditional wet-shaving's appeal: By requiring more effort it provides a sense of control

And a sense of control is exactly what people crave when the general situation, globally, nationally, and locally, feels out of control (cf. the three earlier posts on law enforcement, which was once a source of a sense of control). 179 more words

Daily Life

Some benefits of a two pug household

I think there may be some benefits to this sister thing. I have noticed that I have been getting twice the amount of toys and treats as I previously received before. 128 more words

A Five Year Old Family Tradition

This weekend my little girl had her birthday party, and this weekend my Dad and Mom blew me out of the water with a family tradition that I love :D… 297 more words

Daily Life

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It’s rainy season again.

I am a rain person and i enjoy dull and cold days. But it seems like the weather in this part of the world goes from worse to worst every year and i find myself dreading the days when i am supposed to feel relax. 143 more words

Daily Life


To feel alone on a crowded street
and only your heart, can you hear beat.

Detached from those around,
you barely hear a sound.

Numbed by the lack of sensation, 42 more words