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It’s that time of the year. The time hen you look back and see what you have (or not) accomplished. Did you ever make a New YEar’s Resolution? 409 more words


Back on my Feet

Alright then! Fever’s gone, coughing’s lessened tremendously and very little sign of any headaches. I’m feeling a lot better now, which means I can get back to business! 162 more words


Project 365: The Massive Catch-up Post

I’m a horrible blogger. Inconsistent in posting, I’ll have a cluster of posts followed by nothing for ages. I promise, it isn’t intentional–it’s just that with Brad gone, things were overwhelming. 425 more words


The Festival of Carols on the Golden Nights

This morning dawned bright, clear, and WARM!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Tomorrow is set to be even warmer.  Perfect weather for raking up the last of the leaves, cleaning out gutters, and getting the outside of the house ready for the rest of Winter. 122 more words

Daily Life

Holiday lights are pretty and other deep thoughts

Yeah, so, because we live in San Francisco, mighty, mighty good man David and I don’t know jack about the hotels here. Apparently, the hotels in San Francisco go all out during the holiday season. 225 more words

Spanking - Do or Don't. Well...is it REALLY anyone's business?

There seems to be a HUGE increase in the amount of advice out there for new parents. I myself used WebMD’s baby app on my phone while I was pregnant, because it had some cool features including generalizations on the more common consequences of pregnancy. 396 more words


Understanding Truth: Science Cannot Prove Anything

Before I can talk about a scientific approach to spirituality, I need to lay down a framework for what science really is. It is not what most people think. 500 more words

Daily Life