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Peach Jam, and a Rainy Day

There’s no doubt that rainy days are one of life’s little joys, and today was no exception. It poured for most of the day. It puts you in the mood to read a good book, or take a nap, (or if you’re me, I love to go run around outside and come in completely soaked to the bone, laughing with wonder). 80 more words

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Today is my first official day babysitting (my friend’s two children). School doesn’t start until tomorrow, so we went on an adventure to the park! JP is at daycare so I felt reasonably confident that I could handle three kids (ages 4, 5, and 6) on a walk around the neighbourhood. 74 more words

Daily Life

A very short visit

Dear Diary,

after my car needed some fixing, I took my mum’s car back to Groningen. Today, my parents picked up my car and then came to Groningen. 53 more words

Daily Life

A friend staying over

Dear Diary,

my friend JV arrived in Groningen today. We did the BSc together and he went to Berlin afterwards to do a MSc. He’s been travelling for a while afterwards and now came back to pursue another MSc – in clinical psychology this time. 86 more words

Daily Life

Blue Peter Badge.

I know I did blog about Ali winning one a long time ago.. ok last March…

And I know its taken me a while…… But the other day I did actually get around to adding Ali’s picture to his Blue Peter Id card. 11 more words

Daily Life

An Island with a Burnt Rust Horizon

I’ve discovered many new things during my hiatus from blogging; one of those things is Corsica. I’ve had new adventures, eaten in new places, met some fascinating people and some who where less so. 634 more words


self-improvement september

In a previous post, I had discussed how a lot of wellness articles I come across have resonated with me lately as all of these life changes I am making finally come to fruition. 463 more words