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Discouraged Because You Don't Have Enough Faith?

I once knew a woman who, for many years, attributed her lack of health to a lack of faith. No matter how much she prayed, no matter how much she begged and pleaded God, no matter how much she asked the elders of the church to pray for her, she never got well. 184 more words


Parents' House Renovation - Day 5

It’s been a long time since the last time our house got renovated, and this time it’s the biggest one so far. Half of the house is being renovated and now the whole family members’ activities are done in a space half of one they used to take up. 18 more words


Pumpkin Carving Contest

Since I was little I was fascinated by Halloween. I always wanted to scream “Trick or treat!” Only we don’t celebrate this great party in the Netherlands, instead we have “11 November” but I like the spooky part of Halloween. 101 more words



Happy Halloween, all!

So, let me preface this by saying I was working under pressure, with Drew and I having decided only last night to take the plunge and go to a friend’s party (which starts at 8) despite not having a babysitter. 218 more words

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Happy Halloween!

Hey all!

It’s Halloween!

I don’t have a costume this year (again) but I’m quite excited for tonight’s activities in the dorm! The roomie and I are going to paint some pumpkins, make some caramel apples, and watch some scary movies in the lounge.   196 more words


Halloweens of the Past

Every year I say I will start making my Halloween costume in the beginning of October so I have enough time to finish it. Of course, as tradition typically goes, I wait until a few days before to get started. 181 more words

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Halloween is not much of a thing in Brazil, unfortunately, and this realization has been the most frustrating part of my childhood. It was something that only truly became clear to me on fifth grade when a classmate returned from spending a month in her aunt’s house in Florida. 514 more words

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