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Why I think God's a Gardener

Photo Credit: LoggaWiggler from here with CC.

It seems to me, God’s a bit of a gardener.

Left to myself, I don’t want God. 284 more words


Do not show me grey

The past few weeks, months actually, have been quite “bleh”. I am unable to focus and I don`t know what it is that I want to focus on right now because I am “shoulding” myself so much already and I don’t know how much more I can handle – as I am not even handling the things I “should”. 510 more words



Too long I have dabbled in dreams,

flirted with hope and, by starry night skies,

danced with desire under the full moon.

 Now all that remains is my neglected reality.


Softlens, Antara Mata Belok dan Mata Belek

Ngomong – ngomong soal softlens nih, saya mau cerita pengalaman saya pakai softlens yang beberapa kali miris..

Pertama kali pakai softlens pas kuliah, itupun perlu banyak pertimbangan. 987 more words

Pengalaman Memakai Softlens



What was the first thing that came to your head when I said that?

Was it some nerd that is like “SCHOOL!” All the time? 949 more words


The rich and the beautiful

After the family poll of what food will we miss the most, I was compelled to honor the family favorite food choice: ramen, specifically Hokkaido style miso ramen.  245 more words

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