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Years of Rape and ‘Utter Contempt’ in Britain

Pedophilia seems distressingly common (and well protected) in Britain. Katrin Bennhold writes in the NY Times:

ROTHERHAM, England — It started on the bumper cars in the children’s arcade of the local shopping mall.

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I Write, Therefore I Am

Everybody thinks they’re writers these days. They write in their diary; whichever medium they choose, print and distribute it, and… voila! They are writers.

Do they care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation marks? 154 more words

Daily Life


I have just been eating these past two days and this is all my post is going to be about.

That was Monday and this was my nighttime snack 😂😂😂 59 more words

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Nobody Is Stupid

Have you ever looked down on a waitress, hair stylist, plumber, carpenter, electrician, or welder? The Mind at Work: Valuing the Intelligence of the American Worker… 1,250 more words


Anung V reblogged this on Star Gazers, Dream and Create and commented:

I love the idea in this book. While I write I also work and have worked in many of these jobs. People need to respect all jobs.

Light and Salt



We tried Light and Salt over at the Rockbund for lunch.  The Rockbund is a recently renovated area in the North Bund area behind the Peninsula Hotel.   66 more words

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Just down the street.

I’m constantly amazed at how my neighborhood is filled with a never ending supply of photographic potential. It reminds me that I don’t necessarily need to cross borders to find inspiration. 267 more words


New Norms

I think you would surprise yourself, were you to live abroad, how quickly things you thought were weird, or never thought about before, become normal. My claim: human’s adaptability is what makes us such an overpowering (or successful) species. 173 more words