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Real Fear: Heat

The other day it was over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s only spring. On that day the water worked intermittently during the hottest hours of the day, but I still managed 3 showers. 311 more words


Food Fusion

We went down to Food Fusion for a quick lunch. The beef rendang had a nice kick and the pineapple fried rice was decent.

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Daily Life

Intern @ SAMSUNG R&D Bangalore

Way to Samsung R&D Bangalore

Fear of getting an internship overcame when SAMSUNG R&D Bangalore visited our campus and hired us as interns. Limit of joy is long lasting that even now can’t forget that moment when i got the internship offer. 207 more words

Daily Life

Inspector Hildibrand: Vegetable Conspiracy

Of course, it didn’t go well.

The Elezen Inspector was so surprised by the next sheet that Mayu had dropped, that he tossed away his torch. 385 more words


The first post

Greeting from Hong Kong.

The birthday of this blog: 20-10-2014

I am going to record my daily life.

I think that life is beautiful, however we do not have enough memory to remember our days. 27 more words

Daily Life

Short Rant

Today, I opened my facebook and found another article about unattractive chinese men. The article was in Italian (that’s why I wont post it) and it was written by a girl living in Shanghai. 209 more words