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Ryan Houston Photography

I met Ryan Houston, of Ryan Houston Photography, on Facebook. Social media people, I am telling you. You can make so many amazing connections. Just be careful because there are those that try and abuse it. 234 more words

Daily Life.

The "good" disabled person

Society tells us from the time we are young that the best disabled people do not depend on anyone. “Being raised to not depend on anyone” is a societal hallmark of a disabled person that has “overcome” according to the standards of success.

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Daily Life

Uncertain but Living

Uncertainty is a scary thing in life. The fear of the unknown and what’s to come tends to leave a feeling of emptiness. Graduation from high school was a major stage in my life not only because I was leaving behind everything I grew to know and love, but because I was heading into a world unknown. 333 more words

Rhythms of Life

Just back from a rather good proper holiday with Naurika, on the Costa Brava. I have been a bit disconnected from the traditional “rentrée” for my local groups and their first few events or meetings. 4,205 more words

An Undiscovered Purpose

We are sure of very few things in this life. Day after day people struggle to unearth their full potential. It seems that years go by and some begin to move even further away from the path set before them. 1,028 more words

Jarang Unggah Foto

Selama ini saya jarang mengunggah foto di blog ini. Alasannya sederhana saja yaitu saya jarang mengambil foto menggunakan handphone apalagi menggunakan kamera. Maklumlah hampir tidak ada jiwa seni fotografi yang mengalir di tubuh saya. 54 more words

Daily Life