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Five on Friday v29

1) I’m officially done with my first week at my new job! Everyone is really nice and I’m enjoying it so far. Training has been slow-paced, which is nice because there’s going to be a lot to learn. 470 more words

Five On Friday

Queen of Ordinary Makes Ordinary Mistakes :( April 18, 2014

Sometimes when I have the best of intentions is when I do the dumbest things.  I went to help my mother today about half an hour away from home.  295 more words

Daily Life

Inspirational Yoga & Horse Retreat at the Caribbean Seaside Chapter 2

Poses, Poses and more Poses! What beautiful asanas can be done with the horse.

Can you imagine yourself doing this?

Linda did, and this is what she did after her first lesson with Yoga and only a little previous riding! 131 more words

Living Small

As we’ve mentioned, we live in a fairly small apartment. It’s a one bedroom, and we have a little bit less than 500 square feet of space in total. 347 more words

Daily Life

Easter time

Núna er bara 1 dagur í að ég fái að ráðast á páskaeggið sem er búið að bíða mín uppi í skáp síðustu vikuna. Ó guð mig hlakkar til, íslenskt páskaegg! 244 more words

Daily Life

5 Foods to Taste

In all my sixteen years of life I have tried endless amounts of foods, both good and not so good. I decided to put together a list of some of the foods that I have had that I think everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. 279 more words

Daily Life

Daily Post #April18: Two little birds sat on my window...

Now mentally imagine the song by Corinne Bailey Rae’s song, Put Your Records On, (Yes, you’re right, it’s actually three little birds…)

And now, you can embrace the cuteness! 134 more words

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