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Just Breathe...

When you’re feeling overwhelmed,

take a few minutes & just breathe…

you’d be surprised the good it does you


The Right Track...

Getting on the right path is the first step,

then you must walk the path…

otherwise it does you no good

Heart Of A Fighter

Slow Down & Relax

Sometimes we become so busy

looking for something that we don’t realize

it is within us if we’d just slow down & relax


Think of...

Whenever you feel less than optimistic,

remember all the beauty there is around you

and how lucky you are to enjoy it


The Solution...

Many of the greatest achievements in human history

were once thought to be impossible…

take a moment to think about that.

Heart Of A Fighter

Would You Want to...

Take a moment to ask yourself this question

and answer it honestly,

then act accordingly…

Heart Of A Fighter

A New Dawning...

Another day has dawned and with it a chance to sing your unique song!