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5 interview questions CEOs really ask (and how to answer them)

For most positions, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually be interviewing with the CEO or president of a company. But, in case you ever do have a one-on-one with the big boss—or are meeting with someone who strives to interview the same way—why not be prepared? 1,065 more words



For a little while I felt you
Warm kisses like sunlit spring afternoons
I realized you were attainable
That for a moment you appeared before me… 95 more words


3 Fashion Bloggers Work in Cambodian Sweat Shop

We all have heard the horrible living conditions of the people who are slaving away to make our clothes. We read about them countless of times, feel bad, think for about 30 minutes, and then move on with our lives until the next horrible headline comes. 122 more words


The 15 best #FiveWordsToRuinAJobInterview tweets

It’s January—the month when everyone is looking to freshen up their interview skills. Maybe you’re nervous about an upcoming interview, and wondering, “What’s the worst that could happen?” 243 more words


What Men’s Fashion Shows Mean for the Average Guy

“They’re trade shows meant for press and buyers to dissect and edit,” says Isabelle Kountoure, fashion director at Wallpaper* magazine, “but what is presented at the shows trickles down to the broader industry and becomes trends that all men inevitably buy into. 267 more words


The Wonders of Physical Writing Tools

There’s something satisfying these days when using a pen or a pencil. Mostly due to the high use of electronics and technology, most are more prone to typing on keyboards, touch-pads or even voice-activation spellers.  455 more words

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Family recipe -- U.P. Pasty

Growing up in and around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan one knows the taste and beauty of  a good pasty. This recipe is one passed to us from my mother Elaine’s sister Ruth. 135 more words

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