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Snickering Snickerdoodle

Chloe had a spa day today (hair did at the groomers) so I had 2 hours to putz around while waiting for her.  I took my book for school and headed to Whole Foods.   259 more words

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Finkle IS Einhorn


So, I woke up with a sore stomach. I’m not sure if it was the crab legs and salmon and mashed potatoes and 2 glasses of wine, or if it was simply because I ate to a level 8. 1,342 more words

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The Morning Pages


They say that writing can be cathartic and can help one save thousands on therapist bills, so I think I’m going to try to take this a little more seriously. 450 more words

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Doing The Right Thing


I trust the process of life. I am always in the right place,


doing the right thing,


at the right time.


I love and approve of myself. 335 more words

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Nice of you to join the party!


Dear Me,




I’ve realized that there are many people I go to when I need something.  I also realized that I sometimes get mad at them for not providing me the support, comfort, or advice that I’m looking for.  368 more words

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Louise Hay, a genius, believes that we create Dis-Ease in our bodies by not forgiving and holding on to resentment towards people or things in our lives. 280 more words

Daily Muse

Daily Muse #39: The Beauty is in the Details

I finally bought and received my new camera, well new to me, this week, and I have enjoyed playing with it.  It is a used Nikon D3100 with both the 18 to 55 mm lens and 55 to 200 mm telephoto lens.  305 more words