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You're gonna love it!

Yesterday, my cleaner was practically dialing 999 as she stood watching on in horror while I clutched my eye, moaning, groaning, throwing my head around, pushing my face full on into a towel, throwing my arms around meĀ and telling Mason “mummy will be okay” like it was my last living statement. 239 more words

Daily Musings


So last night, I was wondering whether there are any recent Hindi movies that I’ve missed lately. I actually watched quite a lot of Hindi or Bollywood movies when I was little, my favs are are the Khans – Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.Besides them, I like Ajay Devgn a lot too. 222 more words

Daily Musings

The Galloway Shepherd

Les Nichol was the last in a long line of Galloway Shepherds in Scotland.

He lived and worked on the Scottish Border hills all his days, tending to his sheep. 155 more words

Daily Musings

Forever Changed

One year on, I can’t believe I actually did it. It was a leap into the unknown getting on that plane. I had no idea what to expect when I landed at the other side. 292 more words


Where's my gag?

Last week we were meeting with some very nice chaps from the UK. I had done all my usual preparation and was ready for the day ahead. 316 more words

Daily Musings


For a long time, I’ve been a little shy about donating blood. It’s one of those things where they take your blood and then you feel a little woozy for some time afterwards while your body recovers. 415 more words

Daily Musings

Aimless ranting, and hey, let's discuss accountability.

I can’t concentrate, and though I tried to gulp with purpose, the Red Bull from my Good Friend’s Wedding was declared a sorry waste. Laundry’s downstairs, and I really should creep down there with my hamper, recover these cardigans and other socially mandated bodily layers before someone throws them in a bin I’ll never find. 381 more words

Daily Musings