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More Cameronian Blather

David Cameron: EU helps
Britain ‘punch above its weight’

What a complete and utter moron.  Does he not ask himself these questions:

A) Why the hell SHOULD Britain “punch above its weight”? 47 more words

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Why is it necessary to answer the question “Why” of a child without comparing his age.

Why is it necessary to answer the question “Why” of a child without comparing his age.

There are in few discussions I come up with parents & Guardians, Who always ask me why is it necessary to give details to the child. 255 more words

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Eggs for Energy

Here is something I have yet to share on Chase’s blog!

He eats a hard-boiled egg once a week :)

As seen above in the picture, Chase sucks the yolk out first and then eats the rest. 56 more words

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A gran ordering an £80 Manchester United shirt with the name ‘Roony’ on the back

Mother-of-two Daybreak Harkins failed to stipulate the striker’s title properly – getting left behind the ‘e’ — when ordering a clothing online as a birthday celebration gift for her boy. 25 more words

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Florida Fisherman hooked a pregnant stingray

Floridians stumble upon the strangest things in Sunshine State lakes and rivers: rare goblin fishes, a mysterious large eyeball, enormous squid, rocket components, long-lost cherish, and hard-to-identify animals of the heavy. 17 more words

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Four Cobra Snakes Protecting a Sleeping Baby

A movie titled “Four Naja Snakes Protecting a Resting Baby” appears to display venomous reptiles around a real human baby.
Viewing the baby roll more than on one from the snakes provide you with a severe case from the willies, whether this cut is as it appears. 9 more words

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Great blue heron killing and swallowing a small gopher

Jessie Garza published a video to Myspace of the great glowing blue heron in his yard within Zillah, Buenos aires. The majestic chicken can be seen searching, killing and ingesting a little gopher. 21 more words

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