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Hugs for Me!

You know how sometimes you think if you met a celeb you would become automatic BFFs with them? That you would be so laid back and chill about the fact that their name has been splashed across every form of media, social network, etc.? 505 more words

Social Narcissist

What the video taught me about websites.

Never knew that there were people who actually had a job that required testing every new website and proof read everything on the website to fix any mistakes “idiot proofing” i thought all of this was done by a computer not people.

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English Student Daniel Brount discusses his experiences in Ball State's Unified Media

When people ask me what I’m going to do with my English major, sometimes I don’t know what to say. And before you think it: No, it is not because there aren’t any options for me. 623 more words

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4/20: Easter...

Tune in this week for news you can use…or not. Either way it is an entertaining interpretation of this weeks current events; from WuTang weiners, Kraft wiener recalls, the marijuana, Justin Beiber deportation, Facebook birthdays and all the fun stuff in between.  Enjoy bitches.


Keke Palmer.....Hosting Her Own Show?

Keke Palmer is gearing up to make her mark as the youngest talk show host in TV history.

The 20-year-old actress is set to host… 117 more words


Joakim Noah Wins Defensive Player Of The Year

According to sources Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah is the defensive player of the year. Noah joins Michael Jordan (1988) as the only player to win this award in Bulls history. 83 more words

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Who is Daro G ?

What’s up I am Darius Gatewood I am from Chicago and I’m currently an student at Illinois Center for Broadcasting. My hobbies include basketball, football, music and pretty much anything entertataining.  114 more words

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