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Day 230 Year 16

Last night Subject 83 escaped and hurt himself. We finally found him at his all time low, but with some help from the group of scientist (who are now known as The Crew). 150 more words

Daily Observation

Day 229 Year 16

Today I was told that I needed to keep a journal to track it’s progress. So… here I go, today Subject 83 almost had an accident but it recovered before any harm was done to itself. 66 more words

Daily Observation

The Need of Observing Other Couples to Improve Your Relationship

This blog entry is inspired by an interesting observation I had over the last 2 months — how a pair of couple turned from closely leaning against each other on day 1 to not holding each other’s hand 2 months later. 443 more words

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What do you gain from judging others?

Do you judge others? I realized a while ago that it has become so natural for people to judge others, they don’t even realize they are doing it. 936 more words

Daily Observation

Caddis fly cases

Part of my job involves working with macroinvertebrate samples from streams. We are working on one project that involves comparing samples upstream and downstream of a potential disturbance. 384 more words

Daily Observation