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A recipe I’ve been wanting to try involving shrimp has had me recently thinking about sustainability. Buying sustainable seafood is a great way to reduce your impact on marine environments. 654 more words

Daily Observation

A snail of a tale

For the last couple years my Bubbe has kept garden snails as pets. She keeps them in a repurposed cookie jar on her kitchen counter. She finds them on the sidewalk during her daily bike rides and will bring them back home. 554 more words

Daily Observation

Beauty is skin deep and made possible, in part, by sharks

The cosmetic industry uses a lot of bizarre, obscure ingredients in their beauty products. Secretions found in whales are used for perfumes, vodka is used in skin cleansers, and an interesting oil called squalene (the topic of this post) is used in moisturizers. 706 more words

Daily Observation