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Kestrel Observation

We see a Kestrel every day, it could be a single Kestrel, or many, but we usually only see one at a time. Yesterday, however, we saw 2, one was chasing a Magpie, and one was being chased by a Jackdaw, both were happening at the same time, just outside the front room window! 27 more words


Something new

Is it a bird? is it a plane …..

Well, it’s definitely a bird! That’s for sure!

It landed on the bird table, and at first glance it looked like a Sparrow, but it looked bigger and fatter, then a Sparrow landed next to it, much smaller! 235 more words

Blue Tit

10th November 2014

It’s 3.40pm, and starting to get dark now. I have been sat here working and looking out of the window on and off watching the birds. 252 more words

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9th November 2014

Yesterday the weather was terrible, torrential rain and much of the fields, and road were flooded. I didn’t actually sit and watch the birds for any length of time, but it was noted that only Jackdaws and flocks of Collared Doves were flying. 136 more words

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7th November 2014

Today isĀ  ‘Big Bird’ day!

It is very windy and we have heavy rain falling horizontally.

A few of the larger birds are braving the weather, but the smaller ones seem to be keeping away today. 24 more words

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4th November 2014

It has just gone 10am. This morning started off cold and foggy with heavy rain, but it is all starting to clear now.

This morning we have seen 7 female and 2 male pheasants run across the field. 341 more words

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3rd November 2014

It is almost 10am, I have been sitting in the front room typing and watching our of the window for around 30mins. It’s a clear sunny Autumn day with a light breeze, the ground is wet as we must have had rain in the night. 398 more words

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