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Today's Beach Walk Story

today i walked
for the first time in days
since our life was turned
to wet clay again and the
churning of change unveiled
herself like a bride waiting to… 234 more words

Daily Poems

Mismatched Desire

Speeding down a divided road

Foot hard on the pedal

No breaking

Crash into the decision

Here lies dissension

The fork set to caution

You cannot travel both… 30 more words


Rewriting History

You can justify bad decisions and the path you trek.
You’ll rationalize your actions in the stories you fabricate.
You will call this the learning curve, a necessary lesson of life. 119 more words


A Different Angle

I fell asleep last night
After I had pulled my
Closed door off the hinges
Woke with a smile on my
Face basking in light… 172 more words

Daily Poems

The Children Wait

I’m deeply haunted by the children at our border
At night I hear them crying, in the day I search the
Internet for something I might do to relive their pain… 124 more words

Daily Poems

What unnameable would throw this....

Gate 134

By Peter Cooley

July 15, 2014

What unnameable would throw this on the floor,
noon refracted through blue windows
here, Newark Airport, first day of summer, 148 more words


Your personality sucked anyways

Deconstruct all the pieces trying to build something new.
Alienate reality and break yourself apart.
Abandon all senses, hoping for release.

Forget who you are and where you’ve been, 54 more words