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Daily Poem 6

Double-fudge coffee,
know it’s vulgar sacrilege.
Still, I am happy.


I Have Seen You

I have seen you,
shining through
the masks you wear,
light pouring
through the holes cut
for eyes to see.
I’m sorry for the veneer…

37 more words

Distract and Delight

So I’ll bite my tongue,
When you won’t hear me,
Choking down forced fabrications.
Your unconvincing as you softly tremble,
Knowing I see through it all. 97 more words


Announcing Daily (Bad) Poems

When I was in high-school, freshman year, I took creative writing, and the bulk of the writing was poetry. (Or maybe that is just what I remember best.) I wrote poetry through all of high-school and even a few years after. 427 more words


September Senryū 2014

for re-unions of hope


at a loss for words | my tongue was cut out | I dream in my mothers’ tongues

coyote dreams | sirens in crescent moonlight | prairie’s promises … 522 more words


I am the echo

I am the echo
of all I once said
the same pleas
scratched out
by the same fingers
onto the same empty bits
of your skin. 20 more words

New Beach Walk Poem (Long and Rough)

About how I had seen the guy sitting
There in front of Denny’s for days
Bike beside him nailed to a tree
The heat oppressive already today… 506 more words

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