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You Are

You’ve been
running through my mind
all day and I wonder…
Are you not tired yet?

You are
a constant reminder
of what’s good
and what’s bad… 59 more words


He drives her mad

She growls at the thought of him and
spits at the sound of his name.
He’s her frustration,
the cause of her heart’s pain.

She could murder him, 95 more words


Bella Ponderosa Beauty that makes the heart ache.

it was long ago i would
walk out long and early
tasting the morning dew
my tongue in ecstasy i
would lay me down under… 49 more words

Daily Poems

No Dirt on My Hands

Harvest moon rises leaving
Me without a crop
Who delight in the seed
The coming to life
Sweet tomato on the lips
Dribbling down the shirt… 100 more words

Daily Poems

Ties That Bind

Bear the burdens of our predecessors,

At the expense of ourselves.

For the benefit of the family agenda,

We must turn a blind eye to the sins. 57 more words


Today's Beach Walk Story

today i walked
for the first time in days
since our life was turned
to wet clay again and the
churning of change unveiled
herself like a bride waiting to… 234 more words

Daily Poems

Mismatched Desire

Speeding down a divided road

Foot hard on the pedal

No breaking

Crash into the decision

Here lies dissension

The fork set to caution

You cannot travel both… 30 more words