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What unnameable would throw this....

Gate 134

By Peter Cooley

July 15, 2014

What unnameable would throw this on the floor,
noon refracted through blue windows
here, Newark Airport, first day of summer, 148 more words


Your personality sucked anyways

Deconstruct all the pieces trying to build something new.
Alienate reality and break yourself apart.
Abandon all senses, hoping for release.

Forget who you are and where you’ve been, 54 more words


I’ll Never Be Homeless Or Psalm 23 revisited

Yeah though I walk through
The alley’s of Los Angeles
I will fear no evil because
The bad guy is not even real and
I’m not really alone, see… 100 more words

Daily Poems

June Senryū 2014

for summer and for love

one place at a time | she stands center | the place of beginnings

the yard is full | of weeds and overgrown trees | everyday tomorrow… 370 more words



I adore morning
all the old sloughed off
cool southern Cali
crispy cold makes
coffee delicious
i’m the only one
up in the silence
of dawn broken… 33 more words

Daily Poems

Remembering Maya and Sylvana


My granddaughter, Maya is

Named for this woman, poet of the people

She carried herself with such dignity

And my son Peter, who moved a chair for her… 116 more words

Daily Poems

When We Take Leave

This poem is for my dear friend, Cynthia, who died on April 26, 2014

Your number is still
on my speed dial,
and I continue to… 53 more words

Daily Poems