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There’s a myth out there that has some of us believing as we age we lose our youthfulness,

that is not true my friends, the only way you can lose your youthfulness is if  you let go of it.

Micheline Jean Louis


Ode to you, as if owed to you

How the mighty have fallen.

I’ve seen you rise
from humble beginnings
and watched your head get swollen
like water on the brain, you know… 419 more words


america Sleeps Tonight

i’m thinking about wealth in the wee hours
how to spread it out and plant some future
with the seeds of innovation, love and better days… 176 more words

Daily Poems

Wedding Musings

Wedding Mussings

i swing through the forest of family
filing memories, speaking Spanish with
new members here from El Salvador
i am in some ways an outsider the step mother… 219 more words

Daily Poems

October Senryū

for all death that comes dancing


los muertos no se van | siempre son nuestros | vivos en corazones |
en historias y cuentos | viven en los poemas de vida… 441 more words