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Poem #9.... Consumed (Daily Poems-NPM)

Breathe in, Breathe out
The deep sighs bubble from within
Like a distant cry begging to escape.
The fluidity of the soft stream of air… 48 more words


island poetry

In honor of National Poetry Month, Orcas Issues has revived its April Poetry feature to offer a daily poem online by an Orcas Island, Washington, poet each day this month. 10 more words


good news

If you’re one of the people who still enjoys reading a newspaper, perhaps you’ll be happy to know that The Academy of American Poets (those good folks at Poets.org) has struck a deal with… 124 more words


Poem #5....The Light (Daily Poems-NPM)

Far beyond the moonlit sky
The water drops faintly
The slick surfaces around me
Reflect the darkness that enraptures…
Far beyond the moonlit sky
The melodies sound out… 64 more words


March Senryū ~ 2013

still confused let’s talk | you want to know facts ask | I will tell you all

regret won’t let go | like you got what you deserve | lost and confused… 456 more words


Social Mobbery

Sicken the strands

Divide the ties.

Give all away

To the liars and cheaters.

Thirst the buds

Extinguish the desire.

Commit to nothing

It’s all of vain attire. 50 more words

On A Quest

The Cat

The cat sat on the mat.
In fact, it sat then rolled around and ended up laying on its back.
I thought it was cute and watched as it got back up, purred and walked toward me. 9 more words