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Mostly October

Vacation rocks. Today I went to a parent-teacher conference, during which my D1’s teacher told me how awesome she is, and planned the first stages of the laundry attack. 143 more words

The Right Words

I will be giving up soon.
My patience is strung and I
can no longer let sleep all
the words I have covered.
I’ve resisted as long as I can. 58 more words

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The Sunlight Tells Us

Have I mentioned that we are on vacation? We are off this week, and it is amazing. Did I make pancakes for lunch today? Yes, yes I did. 440 more words


So, I definitely broke the “no bs” rule last night. The thing is, I missed my friend Jennifer and her family so much that I didn’t want to stop hanging out. 592 more words


I am a liar
and always have

I read a book
once that said
as a defense mechanism
adult children
of drug addicts
tend to lie more than… 59 more words

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Thirteen Things I've Never Told You Because I Know Better

  1. I too often tell the trust under the guise of sarcasm. When you think I am teasing, I am really confessing my sins.
  2. I feel uncomfortable around your anger.
  3. 229 more words
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He Dreamt

He dreamt
I was drowning;

I was

waist deep in the muck;

unraveling inside the
silk of skin;

nothing more than the… 77 more words

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