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Because it's snowing outside....

under cover
extra muscle

I am unnecessary.

three hands
not enough feet

we are wrong.

It makes us real.

It makes us human.

Poem A Day

Talking to Ghosts

kinda screwed up
give her some space
are you okay?
there is something
I want to do for you
stay away
this is your
place… 114 more words

Poem A Day

We Move on - January 25th 2015

We Move on

We move on
Run forth
Like the wind
We are unable to be still
In constant motion, like the sky above us… 82 more words

Alice Short Poetry


My eyes have been
closed for too long.

I can’t bear to think
how much time I have
wasted, how many days
I spent mourning the… 65 more words

Poem A Day

California, Arizona, New Mexico

I don’t know where the teeth come from but I have been used to the bite and there are moments when a little more is enough. 53 more words

Poem A Day

The Right Time

Meet me where the road meets the river

When time stands still and

All your dreams fade to black.



leave the
light on
make a
list of books
there is no
chance to read.

I am nothing
if not inconsistent.

don’t hold
on to panic, 24 more words

Poem A Day