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The block is over! Woot woot! My grades are in, and I am happy. I don’t know what to write about, though. Maybe that feeling of relief that happens at the end of the semester? 164 more words

the dog pulls me faster in frozen wind the star

Daily Poetry

The Calculus of Guilt

Wicked Wednesday. Fortunately, it is the last Wicked Wednesday before break. Today was not particularly wicked, but my dear friend Jesus Q likes it when I call it that. 288 more words

What Parts Would You Hold

Hp told me I could write about this, so I will. I will write another sad poem about sad things, and that is okay. It is one hundred percent okay for me to write sad poems about my missing friends. 206 more words

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“At any rate, that is happiness: to be dissolved into something complete and great”. –Willa Cather, My Antonia.
Oh, graduations make me sad. And happy. 137 more words

The Tree

Still offline. Still happy with that. I’ve had a perfectly poetic day, and yet I have no poem shards to work with, yet, at least not that I can recognize. 357 more words


Hey poemfriends! I’m back! I’m posting these from work, because our phone and internet have been out for five days. #ruralproblems. The company says it will cost sixty bucks for the repair person to come out and forty dollars every half an hour he or she is at the house. 494 more words