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crooked spine
and scabs on
finger tips

he tried to
keep an honest
smile on his face
but all that
displayed was
gaps where
teeth should… 25 more words

Poem A Day

Snow Now

What is the word for the feeling of having thoughts that feel brand new but surely belong to some fancy philosopher, or of saying something you have said all before, in the exact same cadence and tone? 435 more words

The First Time

He told me
he would call.

I nodded.

He reminded me
of my love of
postcards and
long letters.

He promised
he’s write.

I smiled. 65 more words

Poem A Day

Body Compromised

Oh, late, late Wednesday. Today was not too terribly wicked. I am snotty and coughing, a bit, but I really had fun today in my classes and the night wasn’t terrible. 352 more words


I drive aimlessly
just to clear my mind
and let out a scream.

It has been a long time
since I have spoke my mind. 210 more words

Poem A Day

Better Way

there is
a better way
to inhale
fresh air

yet we find
year after year

climbing out of
the belly of

too many of us
chewed up
and swallowed

Poem A Day

Hope You

Well, three hundred and some poems later, I am no longer afraid of the “add new” button, even after getting home late. Today driving to work I was able to be present enough to appreciate my astoundingly beautiful commute and also think of many poem shards, practically a whole poem if I quilted it right, but then I got to work and did the work and it all disappeared. 382 more words