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Cold Moon

crying woman

sings the blues
in low alto
as the city
twinkles below.

stretch wide halo
forever chilled
in majestic solitude.

sit alone… 35 more words

Poem A Day


Said I never would again,
Let anyone in the way I did before.
Made the biggest of all mistakes,
Broke a promise to myself.
I knew not to, and I know better. 80 more words


Stanlee of the PrairieLand

My grandmother and grandfather and cousin and her girl are here visiting, on the one day we have before taking twelve stinky kids to Ashland for the Shakespeare festival. 417 more words

Change the World

How can I change
the world, if I can’t
even get rid of this

Poem A Day


I am the fringe of your dress
lightly tapping the back of your thigh
as you prance downstage.

You are used to me.

You no long flinch when… 62 more words

Poem A Day

Ode to Cali

Oh, California. I haven’t written an ode to you yet, but I am smitten. I’m totally won over. I’m over hating on your stupid money and freeways, because I know there you are so much more than that. 476 more words

a leaf hits the office window and fails to fall Wednesday

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