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Let's Multiply

I fixed my cranky today. It occurred to me that I wasn’t doing vacation right, with all the laundry and hunting-waiting and all, so I made sure that I had time for a bath and a nap today. 307 more words


she sits
in the dark

a star
already dead
for a hundred

still resonates
a glow

all the wishes
placed on her
done in

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Aches and Blessings

Wow, I got pretty cranky tonight. I didn’t mean to, one rarely does, but after folding and sorting clothes for hours, I didn’t mean to get pissy when D1 wanted to read a super long book at bedtime, but I did. 346 more words

autumn rain
rewriting my to-do list
all day

Daily Poetry

hunting season without breath

I hate hunting season. For a person with untreated anxiety, hunting season is the pits. Especially when your HP is from southern California, and, by all rights, should not give a toot about hunting, but does anyway, because he fell in love with the land nearly as much as he fell in love with you. 300 more words

Mostly October

Vacation rocks. Today I went to a parent-teacher conference, during which my D1’s teacher told me how awesome she is, and planned the first stages of the laundry attack. 143 more words

The Right Words

I will be giving up soon.
My patience is strung and I
can no longer let sleep all
the words I have covered.
I’ve resisted as long as I can. 58 more words

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