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blue sky–
she spells words
the dog knows

Daily Poetry


Every time I try to walk away from you, you creep back, like hey where are you going don’t leave. You need to get back. 193 more words



it wasn’t so long ago
we pulled
the stitches one by one

unfurled skin
not quiet healed

we live on
we continue

the blood is meek… 30 more words

Poem A Day

green leaves
at the bottom of the puddle
this morning

Daily Poetry

sleepless motel night
next door the sound
of Windows starting

Daily Poetry

toweling off–
for a moment
a naked superhero

Daily Poetry

A Night Visit

Wednesday. ┬áHateful, spiteful Wednesday. I told my wonderful bossfriend today that I thought I had figured out a way to get around my grumpiness on Wednesdays, and to avoid hate-poeming about them, but it wasn’t the case. 479 more words