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For the first time this year, I felt real fear sitting down here to do this tonight. I want more than anything to poem for my beautiful, heartsung friend and boss, Jamie, who is surviving this loss even though it makes every day feel nightmarish. 491 more words


it’s easy
to find a scapegoat

It is easy
to attack what
we don’t understand

to get caught
up in the dance

to be subdued by… 75 more words

Poem A Day

morning escapes 
through newly empty air

Daily Poetry

Animal Moon

full yellow
in mid leap
blurs on
as the sun
began to quake
in the east
a thousand
most of them
slow… 12 more words

Poem A Day

It Comes in Waves

I’m making myself do this, no matter what. I can barely think, I can’t stop crying, and I’m going to write a poem no matter what. 426 more words

The Ghost You Were

He brought you home.
The dust of you encased
in pilfered CDs and rarely used
suitcases, good as new.
Your scent clings like the
ghost you have become. 164 more words

Poem A Day

Here, Right Here

I’m not into the introductions tonight. Let’s just write a poem:

Here, Right Here. 

Here, it’s a great, tired night, and a night meant for clapping. 177 more words