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Donut Cannon

“Awww, but I already charged the party cannon!” *pouts*

Spontaneous comment on these tweets:

“@clouble_helix: @LeekFish what if at bronycon this happens but with donuts instead…

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Daily Pony

After School

Miss Cheerilee is a wonderful teacher, but I’m sure she’s tired after school sometimes. ;-)

Daily Pony

Beautiful Luna

Today after work I went to the store where I bought my watercolor pencils yesterday again to get a few more colors and a pad of very small watercolor papers. 46 more words

Daily Pony

Cupcake on Your Head

It’s just a rough sketch I did on the train home from work, but I just couldn’t not draw the image that got into my head after reading this tweet: :D… 12 more words

Daily Pony

A Twilight Experiment

This is my first attempt at using watercolor pencils, hence the title, and although it’s not perfect I’m pleased with the result. :-) I’ve been looking for an alternative to crayons for colored pictures, and today I finally decided to try watercolor pencils. 100 more words

Daily Pony


Lyra and Octavia taking a walk, practice for an idea that’s currently developing in my head. I drew most of this at a train station on the way to work. 31 more words

Daily Pony