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Twilight with Tail Bow

Isn’t she cute? Inspired by @BrowncoatPony on Twitter:

@EquestriaDaily Tail bows and why ponies should have them

OneBrokePony (@BrowncoatPony) April 12, 2014

Daily Pony

Baby Discord

It’s been a lot longer than I would’ve wanted, but hey, I’m back to drawing ponies! This picture is based on a quote from one of my friends, who commented Cadance’s calmness in “Three’s A Crowd” as follows: 11 more words

Daily Pony

Pony no365

Trimmed pony
Bamboo in my back patio


Pony no363

Flowers of the night pony
Flowers from my front garden tree (points to whom knows what they’re called)


Pony no362

Tiny little twinkling lights pony
Xmas lights set


Pony no361

Girl pony
Pop magazine and stencil