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Tai Chi Y3D214: Late Start

I had a late start on the day, and I’m still running behind.  Tai chi, some push-ups, no qi gong.  What is this coming to?

Better luck tomorrow, I hope.

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Tai Chi Y3D213: Flirting with Collapse

Instead of doing an elaborate practice today, I did something quite different. I only did the tai chi form, rather than the two qi gong forms first, interspersed with push-ups.   88 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D212: Don't have much

I don’t have much to say right now about tai chi or about anything else. I feel like my practice has suffered the last week, because I’ve been incredibly busy at work. 93 more words

Tai Chi

#50DayWellnessChallenge: WHY DAILY?

I read 99u’s advice compilation recently: Manage Your Day to Day: Build your routine, find your focus and sharpen your creative mind.

(Ironically, for a book about focus, it gave me symptoms of ADD. 615 more words


Ebola: Public education and politics don't mix

I cleaned my desk for the first time in what may well have been months last night before toddling off to bed, and realized that this very simple physical act heralded a psychic straightening up as well–I feel like I just crawled out from under rock today. 497 more words


Good habits and small changes

Our next chapter, “Conscious Living,” is not too long, but it gets at the heart of why this book appealed to me. Blake discusses her idealized version of a witch’s life, versus her actual experience living as a witch. 581 more words

The Goddess Is In The Details

The Daily Practice

I don’t know about you but since I work at home, without anyone’s supervision (except the rest of my family, of course, but that’s another story!), I need to find ways to structure my time and add discipline to my work.   230 more words