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Day 5

This afternoon I did some reviewing and here are some words that I struggled with:

  • 기간: period, duration
  • 그동안: meanwhile, in the meantime, during that time…
  • 323 more words

Tai Chi Y3D315: Go Deep

Tai Chi this morning took me a little bit more than a half-hour.  I was able to slow down quite a bit with my practice, largely by taking a great deal of care to move on each inward breath, and to pause on the outward breath.   145 more words


Day 4

I reviewed 5o words while watching The Doctors this morning and continued with the other 69 while I was at the radio station. Here are some words that I struggled with: 215 more words


day 57

bringing things endings
still winter bright cold light
turning rings swimming still white

Small Stones

Tai Chi Y3D314: "Supported"

Ann Bauer has an article on Salon today called “Sponsored”, in which she outlines where the funding and support for her writing career has come from.   766 more words


serving what we value

Small practices can make a great difference to our lives.

Something that can be of help is remembering what we want to be of service to… 465 more words


101 Things in 1,001 Days

Years ago I stumbled upon the idea for this list. I started one and needless to say it got set aside and I accomplished only 15% of it. 611 more words

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