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Tai Chi Y3D217: Four Directions

Yesterday was sort of a big day.  I had a successful meeting with the chair and members of our new Design Thinking committee.  We discussed the possibilities of the new room for school and after school programs. 525 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D216: Stiff Arms

Today, I did sixty push-ups, but my arms were pretty stiff by the time I got to north.  I did the two qi gong forms, and the tai chi form too. 80 more words

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Just for this week 10/21

I am embarrassed to say that it has been a while since I have shared a “Just for this week” post. Travel season and working most evenings and weekends have gotten in the way of my normal posting schedule… however, I am happy to share that I only have a few weeks left and only have one more “out of normal hours” event. 110 more words

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Celebrating Favorite Things in My Art Journal

I use my art to celebrate all the things I love. I save pictures and quotes from my favorite magazines so I’m always ready to collage. 180 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D215: Renewal

Today was the first day in several that I’ve done the full tai chi experience: 20 push-ups, Five Golden Coins, 20 push-ups, Eight Pieces of  119 more words

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Tai Chi Y3D214: Late Start

I had a late start on the day, and I’m still running behind.  Tai chi, some push-ups, no qi gong.  What is this coming to?

Better luck tomorrow, I hope.

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Tai Chi Y3D213: Flirting with Collapse

Instead of doing an elaborate practice today, I did something quite different. I only did the tai chi form, rather than the two qi gong forms first, interspersed with push-ups.   88 more words

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