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Tai Chi Y3D163: Step back to drive the monkey away

Successfully did 20 push-ups this morning without stopping. Then did, separately, one nose-to-the-ground push-up.  Hanging out at a beautiful cabin in Maine for the weekend, a lovely place to work the druidic form, in all honesty.   421 more words


Tai Chi Y3D162: double punch

Did 20 push-ups this morning — a set of eleven, a set of five, and a set of four.  I tried to do one nose-to-the-floor push-up after that, but it wasn’t in me today.   244 more words



Laughter is a spiritual practice.

Without gathering empirical evidence, I think I can say we don’t laugh enough. I took a laughter yoga class once. It was right before Halloween and our coach instructed us to laugh like a witch, a goblin, a bat. 705 more words

Daily Practice

The Coffee Contemplations - Vol. 2 : If You Can, You Must

“If you can, you must…”

I have heard this a couple times in a few yoga classes over the past few weeks in relationship to our group asana practice. 648 more words

Daily Practice

Tai Chi Y3D159: Roll Back

Did seventeen push-ups in a row without stopping or losing my balance.  Improvement from yesterday. Then, I could only do three or four at a time without stopping.   488 more words


Tai Chi Y3D158: Box Ears with Fists

Again, a complicated morning. Started with tai chi, and 20 push-ups — grouped in sets of three and four.  Not ideal. Definitely my arms were not up to the challenge today.   711 more words


Fire in the Wood

Laying on the forest floor, a simple stick, nestled in the browning leaves.

Once it was part of a mighty tree.

Now it is brittle and frail… 59 more words

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