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The Sacred Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana

The season is evolving and this creates a lot of inward reflection.. the past few days, I’ve been dedicating myself to creation.. Thanks in part to Durga.. 868 more words

Daily Practice

Alchemy: How Routine Fuels Our Creative Passion

“Creativity is a little like alchemy — it’s equal parts fact and fiction, pragmatism and mysticism. What’s bizarre is that it’s often through the most repetitive, simple, seemingly mindless actions that the magic of creativity erupts.”

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Tai chi Y3D194: abbreviated

Today’s tai chi practice was somewhat abbreviated. I woke up with a need to solve an immediate problem, and getting that taken care of left me with not very much time. 127 more words

Tai Chi

Search Within Yourself

Happiness is within. You can not find it in having more money, another person, a different job, or a new town; so the saying goes. One must be content to let thing happen naturally, let go of what no longer is, and just accept things as they are. 177 more words

Tai Chi Y3D193: Nose to the Floor

I was only able to do 65 push-ups today, but 10 of them were nose-to-the-floor push-ups (as part of the second set of twenty).  In between sets of 20 push-ups, I did  199 more words


Tai Chi Y3D192: Separation

Due to hosting responsibilities, a flat tire, a protracted wait at the only tire place in town that was open on Sunday, and various other challenges, I didn’t get to my tai chi in a single dedicated shift. 55 more words


Tai Chi Y3D191: Light day

I didn’t push myself very hard today. I’m on antibiotics this weekend for a cold after three weeks of being sniffly and sneezy, and I’m not at my best.   39 more words