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Chips, Crackers, Speeding

A man is caught speeding on a busy highway. Pulled over to the side of the road. Apparently drunk. The police officer asks for his name and registration, driver’s license, you know the usual. 398 more words

Daily Prompt

Fiction in a Non-fiction World

I already mapped out what I will do with my way of blogging, since it was meant to chronicle my life since the Y2K until I went into sabbatical ten years after, I decided to find a system around the materials I’ve collected over the years. 551 more words

Daily Prompt

Unlocking The Mind: My Thoughts Unfiltered

I used to wonder what it meant to be truly beautiful; was it in the way one grooms oneself, the way they walk, how they talked, laughed, or just the glow of their skin? 412 more words


Deep Beneath - A Love Story

This is my parent’s story. The first time I heard it, I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. Even now, when I recount this tale of love to friends, I am filled with wonder about the enormity of the gesture. 453 more words


Stop asking me that!

So, the daily prompt asks us to tell them about the last time we were up early enough (or late enough… whichever the case may be) to see the sun rise.   882 more words