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Muslin Terrorism in the World

When we see the terrorist attacks in the US, Israel, and now in Canada, we have to understand where it is coming from, is not from Catholics, Protestants, Agnostics, or even nonbelievers it is coming from radical Muslins all over the World, this is a renaissance of the old Caliphates of the 9th and 10th Centuries. 421 more words

Daily Rants

Computer Problems & More Frustration

When one breaks down …. all starts to follow. What an irony!

The last time I brought my laptop down to Acer for servicing was probably year 2010/2011 (definitely before the end of my 3 year warranty) …… and things have been pretty smooth since then. 481 more words

Daily Rants

Streak Day 1

Yes, I’m a day late starting my streak. But I did it today, and I already feel better for the simple fact of getting of my ass, and running! 182 more words

Daily Rants


In less than 2 weeks we will be going to vote in a Midterm election that can decide the future of our great Nation, it is important that you cast your vote, and that when you do it you be electing new blood, and younger Senators and Representatives, if the Republicans loose’s this election this may be the end of the multi parties politics as we know. 507 more words

Daily Rants

On Writing

C.S. Lewis makes a great point. The expanse of our imagination can be explored, questioned, challenged and shared through the art of good writing.

Memories can recreate the childhood you still laugh about or create the moments you wish you had. 66 more words


I'm going STREAKING!!

Yes, that’s right…streaking…me! Beginning tomorrow, I plan to run one mile everyday until thanksgiving. More, if my body feels up to it. I figure it shouldn’t take me more than fifteen minutes every morning, and this way, I’ll be getting… 400 more words

Daily Rants

Responding to Reviews

They always say it’s a bad thing to respond to reviews, but I’m really liking to see authors and writers go out of their way to have conversations with their readers.   137 more words