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Macao (1952)

Once again Robert Mitchum meets up with Jane Russell in a far off exotic location for more escapades in the Noir genre. Previously they had joined forces under the RKO banner to film the much loved His Kind of Woman. 593 more words

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House of the Black Death (1965)

Witchcraft and covens fill this ultra low budget effort that employs John Carradine and Lon Chaney Jr. as warring brothers of a warlock nature.

It’s all a bunch of hocus pocus that I have a feeling would make for an entertaining viewing with a crowd of enthusiastic fans of bad cinema. 398 more words

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The Sharkfighters (1956)

Growing up in the shadow of Jaws naturally creates an interest in the sea and anything to do with sharks. That includes hoping to some day see a film starring he man Victor Mature in this awesomely titled film with an even better film poster. 324 more words

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Desire Under the Elms (1958)

“There’s something dark in the corners of this house prowling.”

So says Burl Ives.

Burl plays a stern taskmaster here with little room in his heart for his three sons. 467 more words

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King Kong Escapes (1968)

The magic of Toho Studios during their glory years will always hold a special place for those of us film lovers who grew up in the seventies and eighties when these movies with model landscapes were regularly featured on Sunday afternoon matinees. 352 more words

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Dangerous When Wet (1953)

For this technicolor Esther Williams musical we get our swimming star fending off the advances of the cocky, loud and boisterous Jack Carson only to settle into the arms of Latin lover type Fernando Lamas. 347 more words

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Never a Dull Moment (1968)

Anytime I have the opportunity to see Henry Silva, Jack Elam and Slim Pickens under the direction of Edward G. Robinson tormenting Dick Van Dyke is what I like to call “time well spent”. 446 more words

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