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A Woman's Post!

Something I wanted to share with the women out there….

“That Woman Is a Success….   Who loves life and lives it to the fullest; who has discovered and shared the strengths and talents that are uniquely her own; who puts her best into each task and leaves each situation better that she found it; who seeks and finds that which is beautiful in all people…. 27 more words

Blogging 101

the finest words ever uttered, and having the last word

When I celebrate my 100th birthday, and they ask me what my secret to a long life is, my reply is going to be:

“Just don’t die.” 40 more words

Daily Thoughts

Today's Thought: Taken for Granted

Quote from All of Grace: Did it ever strike you what a wonderful thing it is for the Lord to give a new heart and a right spirit to a man?

Daily Thoughts

A Shadow Next to Me

I envy them.

Smiling, hugging , laughing together

While I’m here, taking aimless walks.

Listening to music,

All in my own world.

Calm and forgetting all the stress

But realizing the loneliness.

Daily Thoughts

Once Pervaded

One asked me, ” Why do you think so deeply? You have everything, a family, a home, friends. What exactly do you want?”

What I want huh..good question. 25 more words

Daily Thoughts

A lone Path

I lost my voice..again. My throat feels like its being stabbed with a needle. It got worse over the course of today.

Ah.. I’m so stressed. 263 more words

Daily Thoughts


【还没开始写内容 就先把标题打出来了】超怪

”这个世界,变得太快“  这句话相信不陌生

罐子觉得 与其说 这世界变得太快 不如说 这世界 根本没在变

变的是人 是身边的人


有这么一刻 你还站在最高峰

四面八方 只要你开眼 身边满满的都是 ‘朋友’

上下左右 只要你开口 听见的都是笑声

就在下一刻 突然才发现那不是高峰


身边的‘朋友’不曾出现过  在身边的只是冷风冷雨

笑声依然在 嘈杂声更大声了 只是 全都不属于自己的

这时候 有人会说 ”这世界变得太快,跟不上,很辛苦”

嗯 大概吧





罐子 是不愿意改变的人

以前的人会以“千年化粪”来比喻吧— —又硬又臭又固执

虽然不愿承认,可是罐子的确是 他们口里的那 千年化粪

因为不想变 不想改变来迁就别人

因为不迁就 越来越笑得出了

“只要可以开心笑,拿什么来交换都可以” 罐子曾这么说过

代价会很大 这个世界 为了自己的开心 不愿改变的人 通常都被称坏人

他们可以不顾别人感受 做自己想要的事 我真的觉得他们很开心的

(所以每次看见电影剧情 坏人被问了一句‘你这样做开心吗’就忘了初衷的‘坏角色’ 就很没瘾)

每次每次 我都很羡慕 很佩服 很崇拜 这些所谓的奸角色

【黑鸟恋人】—“那大概 也是一种 扭曲了的爱吧”

就像那女孩 一直呆在祥大人身边 明明不期望什么 却不知不觉把爱依赖在祥大人身上


这个世界 没那么糟 只要你信

这个世界 还可以 只要你笑着

Daily Thoughts