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That fat lady with the knife

My dad told me about his dream he had the other night. He was in the living room at our house and this obese lady was on her stomach on the Christmas tree rug, pulling herself across the floor with her elbow, and a knife in the other hand. 247 more words

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December 19

What is up guys and Merry Christmas to all of you I hope you are all doing great and today is the last day of school before winter break plus we have two weeks of winter break and also I cant wait for new year’s also so yeah like I said in the other entry I have a lot to do during winter break because my cousins are coming over here so it’s going to be great plus it is my parents anniversary today I love them so much even though we can argue sometimes but I still love them no matter what and we can also have our funny moments too and yeah it’s great also when I wake up on Monday I wont have to go to school because we are on break now I can sleep when ever I want nobody has to tell me when to wake up and my mom has to work on Monday too so that’s a bummer I wan to help her though but there’s some vacuuming to do and I cant do vacuum because I never vacuum before and it’s a lot of work plus it makes you tired and makes your arms hurt too so I was like okay also my dad has to help my mom because sometimes she cant do it all on her own that’s when she has to clean three houses it’s a lot of work though cleaning three houses in one day! 32 more words

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staring at my watch

I can’t wait till school is dismissed. Winter break is so close I’m looking forward to two weeks of relaxing and Christmas joy!

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So today in English, I was working on an essay for our poetry unit when I notice that one of my friends is writing a joke essay entitled, “Why School Sucks.” Happy for the distraction, I started reading it over her shoulder. 144 more words

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Preseason Workouts

Baseball is right around the corner. Infielders already started there eight man workout before school in the gym. After Christmas I have to start long tossing with someone because I am a pitcher. 57 more words

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Never There

I don’t want to get up.

I don’t want to move.

I don’t want to eat.

I don’t want to think.

Just leave me be here. 76 more words


That one message...

Ever had that one message that makes your heart sink? That one second where you think omg this is it? It’s either going to make or break you and the anticipation of a reply and response your gut sinks and stomach drops and you’re completely unsure what’s going to happen. 25 more words