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August ninth

Palate the Jack on my tongue on a staircase at midnight like you would taste a sweet cherry pie on a hazy summer afternoon; let my light in like a stained glass window, leave your touch like the bees pollinate the petals on my sweater sleeve.

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August fourth

My trachea chars from the ethanol, recollections evaporate and the sight of you generates the tangibility of euphoria. My pupils dilate as my words slur.

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August first

Cobblestones conform to my rib cage and to my kneecaps. I want to sleep on the numbing asphalt until the trees stop growing and the spiders stop populating.

Daily Thoughts

Meditate, or Interested in Starting? Read This...

ATTN: This post is for anyone who meditates, or who is interested in starting.

There is much to be said about 2 or more people coming together in the name of spirituality. 708 more words


home appeal

I have pried the play dough from beneath my fingernails. breathed deeply of the fresh country air and reclaimed ownership of my side of the bed. 319 more words


Practice Makes Progress

At my yoga class on Monday our instructor stated that she never tells her son that practice makes perfect because she doesnt know what perfect is. 177 more words

Brief Sparks Of Clarity And Measurements In Time

BLOG- Everyone's a Hypocrite

We’re all guilty of it; preaching one thing, then participating in actions that completely go against it. I see it everyday. I guess what rubs me the wrong way is the capacity in which people totally contradict themselves. 687 more words

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