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Good Job… Sort Of

How are we holding up with my pet peeve theme this month, friends?  I hope I haven’t chased anyone away.  (I was afraid when I selected this month’s theme that people might perceive me as being negative and not want to read my blog anymore.) 794 more words


Quote from The Power of Suffering: It is not honorable as a Christian to be in that position (suffering for unnecessary disruption)—it is disgraceful.


Daily Thought: Suffering Needlessly

Quote from the Power of Suffering:

Being persecuted (or prosecuted) by the government because of troublesome agitation, or receiving discipline by an employer for disruptive activities, is not suffering for the right reason.


July 22, 2014 - When you ask...

I need help. Please decide if the following experience is a success or failure:

Walking down the street in Pittsburgh, I was stopped by a man who asked me to buy him a pizza from the place a half block back the way I’d come. 111 more words

Daily Thoughts

6 "i's" of the South African government


Pathway to economic development in South Africa

Daily Thoughts

Musings of a Jetlagged Homecomer

While I was still super jet-lagged from my Israel trip, I was waking up around 3 am. On one of those days, I pulled out the tablet and watched Tim Burton’s  422 more words

Daily Thoughts

Sleepless in Seattle? Or Topless in Manhattan?

As I told you last week, in New York City, it is perfectly legal (and apparently it has been since the 1990s) for women to walk around topless because… 1,079 more words