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The threat to media – Editorial Daily Times

Pakistan has never been an easy country for journalists; more than 20 were killed in the last decade and until recently no convictions were forthcoming for those murders. 640 more words

Raza Rumi

Writing This Week: 7/4/14

Hello again and Happy Independence Day!

Here’s what I have written since my last post as well as some recommendations on some other pieces you should read. 173 more words

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And the gimmickry continues

They are brainwashed by the ruling ideology in such a way that they even lose the desire to dream about any other better social possibility… 1,235 more words

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Revolution and the modern Islamist movement


Last week I parted on the statement that while a secular revolution is not possible in Pakistan, neither is a religious revolution since “this country is devoid of a genuine Islamic intellectual tradition”. 1,187 more words

Fascism revisits the globe yet again

Fascism revisits the globe yet again

An individual, even an iconic leader, is actually just a pawn in the hands of objective conditions

1,185 more words

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