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The crisis of hegemony — II

In Pakistan, where people have been plunged into deep poverty, grief and uncertainty, a chunk of them has found refuge behind another ‘man of destiny’. Among active participants, a dominant majority belongs to the stratum that, in Marxian language, is apprehended as the lumpenproletariat, the one that helped Louis Bonaparte of France consolidate the interests of finance capital. 760 more words

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The crisis of hegemony — I

“The necessity of acknowledging a fact or goal never follows from its pure existence; rather, acknowledgement occurs only when knowledge has freely determined the fact or goal is in accordance with reason” — Herbert Marcuse. 777 more words

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Writing This Week: 9/1/14

Here’s what I have written since my last post as well as some recommendations on some other pieces you should read.

What I Wrote:

- Previewing Ohio State vs Navy with Land-Grant Holy Land… 134 more words

Mitchell Northam

Gaza: divine purgatory or capitalistic inferno? — III


Israel identifies Hamas as its major enemy, hence its real target of belligerence. The latter is a religious organisation that many consider the brainchild of Israel itself. 1,203 more words

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Gaza: divine purgatory or capitalistic inferno? — II


Israel, without any qualms, took a leaf from its apparent former tormentors. Religion and race became the cornerstone of Zionist ideology. Judaism replaced Paganism while the Jewish race took over Aryanism. 1,064 more words

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Gaza: divine purgatory or capitalistic inferno? — I

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here” — Dante.

The plague of imperialist war afflicts Palestine yet again. Every now and then the Palestinians have to endure a cyclic phase of death and devastation courtesy Israel, for some a spoiled but blue-eyed brat of capitalism that suffers from an uninhibited guilt complex. 1,278 more words

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