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Daily Tips: Orange Juice to Lower Cholesterol

Orange Juice:

Drink a cup of raw, fresh orange juice, rich in  vitamin C. It has 20.8 g of sugars and has 112 Calories. It also supplies potassium, thiamine. 56 more words


Daily Tips : I Will Do My Work

For Age 10 -13: I Will Do My Work

During the weekends, ask your children to help you in simple tasks like doing their own bed, changing the bed sheet or the pillow covers, cooking, going for shop, cleaning the vehicle.They will get a sense of appreciation for all that you do for them, and make them more responsible.


Spice Up Your Busy Marriage

Now-a-days, between jobs, kids and the drama of everyday life,romance tends to get lost in the shuffle. Some of the most romantic ideas are short and sweet.  56 more words


Daily Tips: "Walk In The Door" Rule

Follow this simple “Walk in the door” rule with your spouse, children or any other relationship for guaranteed happiness in your life.

Walk In The Door Rule:

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Daily Tips: Give 100%

Give your 100% dedication to everything you do and sleep peacefully.