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How to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

To put music from PC to your iPhone (or iPod) you need to download and install iTunes on your PC, software that allows synchronization between the two devices. 219 more words

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1st Sept

Dancing with the trees, sensing the movement of the animal world, re-adjusting our senses to the awesome energy of nature will fulfill and give us such great life energy that our existence will be tuned to real life of love, giving, and timeless existence of the one and only divine force of creation.

What Is Life

31st Aug

Let’s reduce the layers of earthly standards and excess needs and wants that exist in our eyes and search and connect with the timeless energy and field of our soul – the timeless and eternal desires for true connection above the physical realm.

Daily Tips

30th Aug

Let’s achieve our true destiny to be together as one person, one heart in true feeling, emotion and ultimate truth, joining in balance with all other levels of nature as ONE!

What Is Life

29th Aug

If we direct our hearts to join together to feel each other, sense each other and be in tune with one and another, mimicking the beats and rhythm of nature we can achieve together such wonderful combined growth and earthly stability.

What Is Life

Notes on shop keeping: 5-point daily checklist

When you spend several hours a day in your shop, it is easy to get so used to your surroundings that you don’t really look at your shop with visitors’ eyes any more. 386 more words

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Wake Up

Wake up! It’s Friday and that means the weekend is finally here for you to unwind…