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I'd Like To Be vs. I Am

Often times we get so caught up in the “I’d like to / I’d like to be” that we forget to go after it and just become. 104 more words

Daily Update

Facebook Page!

Hello friends! I have a facebook page now for my running :)

Please check it out and LIKE <3


I would love for that page to be an additional place for the running/blogging community to support each other, post inspirational and funny memes/videos :)

Daily Update

My Foot: The Diva

My feet and I have been through a lot together. As a competitive figure skater, I relied on them quite a bit. But feet are those things you kind of take for granted. 666 more words

Daily Update

The Biodome.

Few things are as rewarding as seeing that look of awe cross the face of a child. When I’m teaching, those are the little moments that make my day, when you see that look of comprehension or awe flicker through their eyes as they grasp a concept they hadn’t thought of before. 325 more words


Oh, the emotions...

Parenthood has changed me in more ways than I realize. I went from being an impatient, harsh asshole, to a much more patient and much less abrasive asshole. 354 more words



‘Der Ball is rund und das Spiel dauert 90 minuten.’ – Sepp Herberger

‘The ball is round, and the game lasts 90 minutes.’

So I’ve gone a bit crazy with world cup fever. 346 more words

Daily Update

Through the eyes of a child...

I often say that the quality I never want to lose is to be able to see the world and be amazing like that of a child discovering the world around him. 166 more words