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Reasons my toddler cries.

Reasons my toddler cries:

1. He’s wearing puppy PJ’s and not truck PJ’s, even though he insisted on wearing puppy PJ’s.
2. The moon (or sun) is hiding behind the clouds. 351 more words


Camping with a dinosaur.

Labour Day weekend Miles and I had the chance to go camping with our awesome friends Kathryn and Marc and their kids, and our other awesome friends Trish and Dave. 308 more words


Picture of the day: The Dragon.

I’m looking forward to the days when I get to bring Miles to the carnival. At the same time I’m not, because I’m selfish and I hate waiting lines :p


You can lead a horse to water...

It’s amazing to see how quick some changes can happen in a toddler. Last week he spent a stretch of seven days straight with April, and when he came back to me it seemed he’d aged a couple of months mentally. 351 more words