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October 24th: Import/Export

Importing and exporting of particle types works! This will be a very useful feature if I want to reuse an effect I use in one level in another one, which will probably come up a lot.

Daily Update

October 24: Don't Mess with Us

Miguel Rodriguez Torres was removed from his post as Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace today. The surprise move saw Admiral Carmen Melendez named to the post. 883 more words

Daily Update

Day Eighty-Four | Rain or Shine

“Don’t seek to be happy; let everyone else chase after that rainbow.
Seek to be kind, and you’ll find the rainbow follows you.”


October 23rd: Rearranged

Made it possible to reorder the list of entities by clicking and dragging. This actually has implications for the other editors as well since the same selector class is used in several places, but I can think about that when I get to it.

Daily Update

October 22nd: List List

Knocked a bunch more items off the list, in the process created a simple but useful utility class for finding the status of any key on the keyboard without having to make a special listener for it. 35 more words

Daily Update

October 22: Reuters the Destroyer

The Venezuelan government finally addressed statements from the United Nations calling for the immediate release of Leopoldo Lopez and other political prisoners, calling the demands… 474 more words

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