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September 1st: Break

One week in, already the first emotional breakdown of the project. FUCK.

I haven’t been putting that many hours in, but something failed to click today and combined with frustration with roommates and internet problems I am right now full of anger and I don’t think I can push myself any harder. 126 more words

Daily Update

September 1: Hunger Beatings

Intense confrontations between protesters and National Guard troops in San Cristobal, Tachira left at least two people injured and three students under arrest, while… 390 more words

Daily Update

Meal Journal 9.1.14

I’ll be updating this post as the day progresses.  Got up a bit late and didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast considering I had to get myself to the gym.  103 more words


August 31st: Editorial

I decided fuck it and went ahead and built a quick and dirty level editor. The most time consuming part of getting it working was actually debugging the reading and writing of level data, which I would have had to have done anyway and would have only been more time consuming if I hadn’t built the editor beforehand. 42 more words

Daily Update

Grandpa's All Dressed Up

Grandpa’s street costume

We had a family meeting at the hospital today. Before we all met, it was important to grandpa that he got out of his hospital jammies and into street clothes, or  “costume”, as he says. 319 more words


August 31: Assertions

Diosdado Cabello, the vice-president of the National Assembly, spoke at length today on a number of topics, including the biometric rationing system announced last week. According to Cabello – and contrary to what Maduro said last week – the biometric rationing system… 437 more words


August 30th: Movement

Okay, I made it so movement between tiles was smoothed out, so that pushable things can be pushed. I also created an undo function. Most of the main logic for the game should work fine now. 65 more words

Daily Update