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September 18th: Busy

Ended up having to spend all of my work time on drawing today, unfortunately, so once again no game work got done. I should be able to make some progress tomorrow, though, and I have a decent idea of how to approach displaying possible moves on the board now.

Daily Update


Blue count is looking for a P3 top by 2019 max where Minute 5=3.

Black count is looking for a Minute B high to be followed by a Minute C low to complete Minor 2. 30 more words

Elliot Wave

a different kind of progress

We might not have had success at the Embassy this week, but we have had some very encouraging progress on the home-front. Elias and Cora have learned to sign the word “more.” This is a huge deal because, before they had a way of┬ácommunicating their need peacefully, their requests for more food were continual, anxious, incredibly loud shrieks and cries (keep in mind they feed in a frenzy, thinking that they have to eat as fast as possible to get more food and to fill their bellies before the food runs out and they go hungry. 106 more words


hurry up and wait

This week it feels like we basically stood still when it comes to getting ourselves back home. We did get an Embassy appointment much faster than we thought and we were super excited/encouraged by that. 328 more words


September 18: Biological Warfare

The discussion surrounding the alleged mystery illness that has claimed a dozen lives over the past two weeks in the country took a turn for the sinister today, when Maduro accused the opposition of… 769 more words

Daily Update

September 17th: Buffet

I did a lot of stuff today that wasn’t working on a game. Stuff that needed doing, but yeah. Fuck it. Can only do so much.

Daily Update