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December 20th: Death and Rebirth

Tested out the new death animation stuff with a very simple test case and it seems to work fine. Currently trying to figure out how to have entities affect the greater game state, as with triggering events and the like, which is a bit tricky. 79 more words

Daily Update

December 20: Shoes

Minister of Defence Vladimir Padrino Lopez spoke on the U.S. sanctions levied against Venezuelan officials – possibly including himself – today, calling them “dangerous”. Lopez (who is also the commander-in-chief of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces)  359 more words

Daily Update

December 19th: Flicker

Fixed a minor problem with the controller stuff, fixed a few problems with the entity and map editors, got melee attack registration working. I think I’ve pretty much figured out how to handle death animations and stuff, which is by creating a behavior that spawns other entities when the first entity dies – this can be used to spawn a death animation entity, a set of particles, or whatever. 11 more words

Daily Update

December 19: Fascist Acts

The price of Venezuelan crude oil ended the week at $51.26, down $6.27 from Monday. The Ministry of Oil and Mining released the official figures in an announcement today in which… 250 more words

Daily Update

The Bitcoin Daily Report: Brazil Says it's too Early for Bitcoin Regulation, Charlie Shrem Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison on Coin Brief

Brazilian Senate Report Says it’s too Early for Bitcoin Regulation The Federal Senate of Brazil has released a new report that explores how Bitcoin and other digital currencies can impact Brazil’s economy. 37 more words


Day 3

I wrote the Russian alphabet down and made a list of what alphabets are where on the keyboard using an image from Google. So, I learnt русский алпавит, and now I’m going to start some words, maybe… 124 more words




Fuck i binged. Because i woke up feeling horrible and i have no idea what i’m doing. I have to restart everything again. Fml.