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Beginning of a Revolution

So, what have I been doing lately. First of all a few weeks ago I went to see this wonderful performance “Roem Eens Verhaal” (Romanian Story, but with a fancy twist in Dutch, that translates slightly like “once famous story”) in The Hague¬†.¬† 422 more words

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“As they were straining their eyes to see Him, two white-robed men suddenly stood there among them. They said, “Men of Galilee, why are you standing here staring at the sky? 737 more words


Big drama

Yesterday was that kind of day. Everything went almost wrong. Milk spilled, things broke. It was dark, cold, wet, annoying. It was the kind of day that you had to wait inside for the rain to rain at a slower pace, just enough for me to get into the car. 18 more words

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December celebrations

Two years ago we got this wooden wine box, and my then 8 year old made all by herself this out of it. I was very proud of it. 139 more words

Daily Walks

"The (Romanian) World in your Classroom"

He said: “they are probably all bored, uninterested, distracted¬†teenagers, you really need to capture their attention”. And he said many other good things, and we did some fun games, and exercised our presentation skills. 361 more words

Daily Walks

Amsterdam: Noord loving

I have a dear friend that I sometimes visit in Amsterdam Noord. When I left the last time, I didn’t just get into the car. I took a stroll through the neighborhood. 146 more words

Daily Walks

Rotterdam: part 1

I lived in Amsterdam, I studied in Amsterdam, I had my child in Amsterdam. Football wise ‘we’ hope Ajax wins. By ‘we’ I mean my husband and our brain washed child. 402 more words

Daily Walks