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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Geneva‘s old center of town is historical and their downtown is filled with quaint little boutiques housed in old homes. It is definitely a nice place to visit. 158 more words

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

The Aragon Ballroom was built in 1926 and is located 5 miles from downtown Chicago. Designed in Moorish style, it said that the interior resembles a Spanish village. 105 more words

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Samson meets his Goliath

Such a powerful name for a diminutive chihuahua. I think he’s what they call a teacup or pocket puppy. He’s so small that he’s the size of my cats many times over. 149 more words

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Extra Special Day at the Daley Plaza on June 12th

The Dailypost’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Extra, Extra. Go here.

We had a company outing on Thursday so I brought my camera with me. In the past, the Farmers’ Market at the Daley Center Plaza has given me plenty of photo opportunities so on my lunch break I decided to take a walk with my camera and get some fresh air. 140 more words

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Room with a view

Yesterday, I spent a big part of my day in the garden. If not for the searing sun from noon to 4 pm I could have stayed there all day long.

Everyday I start at 5:30 in the morning and weekend is no different. It was a sunny bright day. My tomato seedlings are starting to turn yellow and they are not growing as fast as they should be so I was like a person with a mission. I even replanted my Thai basil and eggplants because they were too crowded from the vessel they were in. Am hoping they will do better in the ground and uncrowded although they were too young and tender. Keeping my fingers crossed.

The garden was my open room for the day. I had breakfast there and after gardening at noon, did my laundry, showered and a nap, I went back to the garden, checked on my transplants, sat down and relaxed with my crocheting.

Saturday morning, everyone was busy in their backyards. One neighbor had an all day party so early on you can hear children playing, do what kids do best – crying, screaming interspersed with laughter, neighbors talking from their own yards so you can imagine it was loud, it was like being in a barrio. But I would rather have that than not knowing your neighbors. Another neighbor’s radio was playing some Mexican fiesta music, it was lively I almost wanted to get up and do some dance steps but no, I savored it all in.

I enjoyed watching the flowers and the greens from my vantage point in between gardening and to be able to smell the soft and delicate fragrance of the blooms – peonies, roses, and lilac from a neighbors tree. And while you are there clipping, digging and weeding, the sweet floral scent mixed with the crushed dill caused by my garden stool – unbeatable! There is also the faint murmur from a brook small fountain.

The night before, my friend and I bought bird feeders – hers for wild birds and for myself, hummingbirds. We waited for the birds to land and enjoy our offerings but I guess they haven’t found it yet so they just kept flying and passing over us. Instead they feasted on the fertilizer granules I have put on my vegetables I hope they didn’t get sick from them. If only birds could read, Viv could have put a big sign to advertise her free bird feed. She waved her arms to stop and direct them, calling them fools for not knowing – but birds are being just what they are, bird brained this time. Wait till they broadcast it among their friends. That will be the day.

Everyone was alive Saturday morning! Everything was right with the world in that small four corners.

365 Project: Day 158

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