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day 1

Its the begining of the month(thats all day one means..) and i reaaly dont have a catchy of making my past week sound exciting…cuz it was not …mind you it wasnt boring eithr but it was just so.. 137 more words

di video Mesir, ada seorang akhwat yang dengan tegas menyatakan, “tidak ada yang bisa mengalahkan orang yang lebih mencintai kematian” saat diwawancara ditengah situasi demonstrasi menentang kudeta yang dilakukan terhadap Mursi. 176 more words


Jack White and the Skyway

And all the headlines read:

Dumb Fuck in a Dump Truck Tries to Cross the Bridge With the Bucket Up

…or something like that

Drunk as a skunk, as you might’ve thunk… 161 more words

Daily Poetry

Good afternoon

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog- the last was my tumblr which I deleted a while ago due to the detriment it was causing to my health. 26 more words

First Post

100th post.

Thank you everyone for the support!

I’m in a little photography kind of slump these past days. I got extremely bored of my photography style, and I  feel like there’s no growth at all. 29 more words



mah feels. TGIF. time to kick back finally~


Not Just Me

on the heels of yesterday I’d be remise if I didn’t add: a good support system is nothing to take for granted! this system shouldn’t be what we run to first, but its significance is unmistakable! 79 more words