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Top 5 #3 - 02/09/14

I don’t have much to say at all, just thank god it’s another Top 5. Lying in bed in agony watching Magic Police. I think I have a kidney infection so I’ll see when I can get an appointment with a GP. 148 more words


Business Casual and the Flaw of Khaki Pants

So this week it is business casual, which means you can’t wear jeans to work even if you work the swing shift/overnight like I do. I normally choose to wear khaki pants which come with their own set of troubles. 96 more words


The Tara Reality Show

So last week (and forgive me if this is TMI)(although I don’t really care) I got myself an IUD. Except I kept calling it an IED. 249 more words


Day 101

This image was taken as a 3 shot stitch during my recent trip to Cornwall. This is St Michaels Mount…

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Eight Ways To Feel Healthy Without Really Trying

1. Drink an unbelievably large volume of water per day. I’d suggest about 1.6 litres per day. It clears up your skin like nobody’s business, flushes out unwanted stuff from your system and has the added bonus of keeping you alive. 941 more words


Embrace the Crazy

Leading up to the three day weekend, I was a bit stressed. We had something planned for each day.

Saturday we hosted our yearly Fantasy Football Live Draft Party. 449 more words