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Daily Prompt: Dust In the Wind

There are many, many things that I want to do before I become ‘dust in the wind’. Too many for me to write about here. But I think I can narrow my list down to a few choice things that I can talk about. 352 more words

Kejadian lucu pagi ini

salah kirim sms

Ini sesuatu yang lumrah, biasa terjadi. Dan efek dari salah kirim sms ini yaitu seperti sesuatu yang memalukan. Aku pernah juga salah kirim sms, pernah juga sok pura-pura sengaja salah kirim sms, hanya karena ingin sms someone, tapi gak tau mau sms apa. 192 more words


The Daily DiCaprio Text

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Day 20

Today’s image comes again from my recent walk around Box…


Don Charisma - Painting Prompt 2

Today Don has asked that we colour in the picture we drew yesterday.
So here is yesterday’s effort once more to refresh your memory.
Today Don has asked us to paint it… 19 more words

Finding Joy

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Suz has surpassed herself, even included gradients, don't rememer seeing that in my paint program ... clever stuff suz, you're a visual magician :)

Paint - Don Charisma's Prompt: Part 2

Paint – Part 2 of Don Charisma’s Art Prompt was so much fun! Basically we took our quick squiggles drawing from the day before and colored it in. 22 more words


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This is very much what I'd intended ... I really like it, and I see things which kind of pop out at me, very simple but deceptive detail :)

Sweet Moments

Sometimes, I feel a little bit sad coz I have only a few of beautiful shot with my daughters. But after all, I know I am blessed to stand behind the camera capturing those sweet moments of them.