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Fabrica Reinterprets Daily Objects For Added-Ordinary Gallery At Ace Hotel Shoreditch

Italian studio Fabrica will exhibit a variety of reinterpreted mundane things at Ace Hotel Shoreditch during subsequent month’s London Design Festival (+ slideshow).

Fabrica’s Extra-Ordinary Gallery will feature function by young product designers, graphic designers, architects and … by… 7 more words

The scripture for today, August 23 (8/23), is  as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:

“As for the other events of Jehoram’s reign, and all he did, are they not written in the book of the annals of the kings of Judah?” 145 more words


What's the message

Sometimes you just have to let things be !!! If something is standing in the way of you getting to the place you need to be, why are you waiting on it to let you go ? 261 more words

If It's Over

Good evening (night) everyone!

Today has been yet another long (but enjoyable) day, as it was the last day of band camp. In all, it’s been a fantastic week and I’ve enjoyed so much of it. 107 more words


Confused Blogging Life

Pheww… I guess I am really not very good at keeping up with the blog. I always say that would blog at least every night, however, I continuously fail at that task. 172 more words

College??? Bleh.

Good Evening! 

It’s Strawberry Turtle again! Sorry I haven’t been posting daily like my blog says it is >.< College happened and I need to study study study O_O…. 138 more words

August 2014


My morning: Though I felt tired enough to sleep in longer, I knew I had too much I had to do today to stay in bed. 953 more words

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