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1 Hour 432Hz Schumann Resonance Meditation



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Divine Aim

The Craft

Whittle love into
the hours. Fashion your tongue
to whisper my name.

April Daily Haiku Challenge – Day 19

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Collegiate fragrance line adds UT to collection - UT The Daily Texan

UT The Every day Texan

Collegiate fragrance line adds UT to collectionUT The Daily TexanMasik Collegiate Fragrances, a organization that distributes perfumes and colognes for twenty state universities, developed a new University of Texas perfume that can now be purchased. The scent of the…

Day 23

Not too many more to go, but here’s another from my recent photowalk.. :-)


Number 99.
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Starting Over

It will be three years in August that my family and I moved to NJ so my husband could advance with his career. When we left Virginia, I had a fledgling, but profitable photography business. 410 more words