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Shape Simplicity #colour

I shot this picture before my little guys nibbled on their miniature continental breakfast. I was using my camera at 6:10am when the sun had risen and the natural light was pretty great. 17 more words


Inspired Summer Shoot #giraffe

Hi! Happy Wednesday, hope it’s a good day. Here are a few photographs of my latest shoot inspired by warmer climates and the inklings of Summer time. 10 more words


Day 238 Ephasians 3:1-12

Thanksgiving: I Thank the Lord for Vision, For without it, we as a people would be lost in a dead world! I Thank the Lord for Tithe, For are love is shown when we make our offering to the Lord! 301 more words

WEDNESDAY. April 23, 2014

The gastrointestinal tract of asteroid flow has been blocked by excess butt dust that has traveled from galaxies light years away. This means your cat is going to snatch the doughnut you went out of your way to obtain this morning. 60 more words

Sketch Dailies #3 -TV show and/or Movie Mashup

Sorry for the low-ish quality of these past few photos. Just been drawing them and taking pics at work quickly.
This drawing took me about 5 minutes or so. 13 more words

Your Daily Gem

Couple from my mini vacation

Scotch and Pancakes

Seven in the corner endangered species sack


Seeing With A Surrendered Respite

Existential suffering is a consciousness chasing itself to be relieved its incomprehensibility, to itself. I have, for most of my life, lived in the midst of manifold illusions of superiority and perfection, and my life gained its value by me pursuing an idea of supremacy, and this supremacy supported by another illusion consisting in a phony absolutism — it solved the incomprehensibility and the obsession a completion. 96 more words