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The obvious

When I was younger
I really believed certain things were
A lot more serious than they turned out to be
Spending most of my time… 157 more words


Found letter

It was stuck on the wet concrete. A small piece of card. I picked it up.




A token of love that touched my heart, brightened my day and banished clouds.

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Scared to Death

Many people have some phobia whether it be heights, or swimming, or spiders. It’s been pointed out to me that I am quite fearless in essence and yet afraid of everything. 412 more words

I Was Asked To Introduce Myself

This week started my classes in this academic year’s second trimester. This trimester is quite interesting for me that it makes me motivated to study harder. 451 more words


5 Things To Boost GPA And Fitness Level

One thing I noticed when a student is loaded with subjects is that the student gets excuses to skip healthy meals, workouts and good sleep.  I remember when I was in first year doing a course in Biology, I was sent to live alone at 16 in a strange place surrounded by strange people plus a load of 28 study units, made me not just stressed but unhealthier. 1,245 more words


Fantastic realms

How I encountered the discworld

A quarter of a century ago on holiday in Bavaria I went past a dodgy looking shop with piles of glossy magazines in the window and shelves of videotapes with very weird names. 203 more words