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A Quiet Surrender

From race to race, an unending game,

In for the long haul, here yet again.

The spaces in between, life seldom remembers

Before hitting the finish line, starts another. 164 more words



One day, I was walking by myself and thinking about freckles, and I decided to ask him if he had any. He replied that he had a few, on his knuckles. 79 more words



the truth hurts. So do lies. So do sunburns.

So grow a thicker skin, wear sunscreen, and stop whining.


autumn sunmagic

I went out to do the weekly photo challenge, Refraction. If this tells you nothing, check out The Daily Post ;-)

I solemnly swear to do the challenge every week from now on! 16 more words



He had a mole on his back, directly in between his shoulder blades. It was a deep red-brown, the color of his freckles, the color of mine, and it stood out against his skin whether it was pale or tanned. 47 more words


Day one: goals, goals, goals

Scarriff, Ireland, Oct 2014 (photo taken by Kemi Otaru copyright)

I’ve blogged for 4 years but I haven’t been pulling my blogging weight in recent months. 97 more words


Death Has Always Been a Friend

Humming of the nightingale stopped suddenly one night,

Unlike darkness of summer months, that day blinded any sight.

Smell of vultures hovering, thickened the already heavy air, 116 more words