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Hiding Blessings: Why I Prayed to a Cadbury Easter Bunny

I once prayed to a rabbit-shaped hunk of chocolate. I shit you not. I knelt in front of a Cadbury bunny and recited an “Our Father” and ended with the “Sign of the Cross.” I was 10. 1,254 more words


For once I didn’t want to drive fast. I wasn’t perched on the tip of my seat, pulling in and out of lanes, around cars, paving my way through the obstacle course. 462 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This week’s photo challenge theme is Monument. The timing of this theme was perfect as last week I went to check out the Canada Malting Silos, an abandoned factory in the St Henri borough of Montreal. 39 more words


“the AlL” love

Ever had the feeling that the angels are really the magical infinite “that” hold you up when you most fear, losing ground?

The last week has been “alone” time and I have had the pleasure to feel and hear the eternal communication of love and light within me… asking me to listen in and re:member. 308 more words

Love It To Live It!!

A miracle

We all hold on to every-thing life gives us… what happens to choices? The angels are giving me real time life lessons and it is interesting to even notice the amount of baggage I’ve been carrying! 95 more words

Love It To Live It!!

The Five Things

Looks like a happy and relaxed day for me today as my boss is out of town and I don’t have any pending work and on top the word press daily post has given us 5 prompts to write about along… 602 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument 6

You’ve got it. The Olympic Stadium once more. The last one for this week I promise.

Have a closer look if you like. In this landscape of steel and plastic nature reclaimed a small spot for itself. 62 more words

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