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Weekly Photo Challenge : Refraction

This is my entry for the theme of this weekly photo challenge.
I was walking by the beach sidewalk and when I realized the sea was on this building window.

Photo Challenge


sometimes you have to

just chop it into pieces

to make it better


One Day

Every night I have dreams.

Every night I see things that no one else does, and every morning I memorize them so that I can keep them. 389 more words


Imaginary Things

I never had imaginary friends, but I’ve sure had imaginary enemies. And, they are REALLY LOUD. I tend to predict the worst possible outcome and love engaging with doubt. 990 more words


Okay, so I always come back on these ten minute freewrites. I was at ease for most of the week except for yesterday, when I heard on the news everything about the attack on Ottawa, Canada, and now today, after hearing that a Doctors Without Borders physician came to New York from West Africa with Ebola. 365 more words


Reflection of a Refraction

For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math homework: the choice is completely up to you. 67 more words