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There is Light ,then there is Light

So many times I have read the next day after chasing Auroras….. that someone was rude while out aurora chasing…..Other than blinding me …I do not find it rude…..I feel like if you can not deal with headlights or flashlights or refracted city lights then you go somewhere else….. 75 more words

Heaven Unfurls in Shades of Green

Of late the skies here have been clouds… clouds… more clouds…today those same clouds are emptying snow on our grounds….the temps are in the minus range again and it looks like magic out side….. 50 more words

Not The Sun

No…. NO … it is not the sun you see…it is a street light across the field …..it was all about focus and trying silly things with camera…. 164 more words

Through the Trees

On one of the many drives to catch the auroras we drove to Birch Lake ….. the sights and sounds were amazing ….this is one of my faves of the night …. 91 more words

Hugs given Here

today is national hug day ….WOW …another holiday … few days back I heard four hugs a day kept one’s heart healthy…..so hubby and I have made a point of hugging each other every time we pass each other.. 56 more words

By the Light Of the Moon

We were so excited to chase the auroras that night ….little did we know it would spoil us forever ….. on how we viewed auroras afterwards… 37 more words

Dream A Little Green

Still working on infinity focus….just when I think I have it something goes wrong…. But I love this effect that the fish eye gives …like looking into a dream …the auroras are out there but I have been on a human worry thing and camera and captures are not in the mix….. 80 more words