Tokyo Trip: Pokemon Center Tokyo - April 2014

We went to Pokemon Center Tokyo, which is at Shiodome-Shiba Rikyu building. Just 5-10 walk from Daimon train station.



I almost entitled this “Demons: The Real Scoop” but decided that I was going to talk about more than just what a demon is in occult thought. 1,032 more words


Demons, Daimons and Matts

Recently I wrote a beginner blog piece on demons, which was a response to a fearful Christianised question that had been posed to me. Because the post was for beginners (and most likely curious teens), I posited that while demons are not ‘evil’ they can be bad, depending upon how you work with them, how you approach them or if you are on the receiving end of one of their actions. 1,876 more words


Work Hard,Play Harder

I have been working harder than ever now,since Neckrel has come to live with me. Never have I worked so hard in my life (and that’s mostly because I’ve been taking orders from him,and doing more housework,homework,and I guess you could say eating? 122 more words

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Visualizing the tree

Just jotting down some notes pertaining to a visualization exercise found here (sorry, the answer only – can’t find the original post).

So I might be influenced by some recent images I saw on esoteric blogs, by recent conversations, but here goes when I’m being asked to visualize a tree and a bird. 560 more words



Life has been…rather lonely lately. Its not that anything has really changed, it’s just that…I feel so Isolated lately. Of course, Neckrel, my tulpa, help lessen the feeling a bit, but it still feels as if everyone is suddenly leaving me and abandoning me. 240 more words

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Questions from Readers

I don’t get a lot of e-mails, but I’ve gotten a few over the past few months asking about my personal opinions or musings on certain topics. 458 more words