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Baby Goats Part 2! Petunia

So today was finally Petunia’s day to give birth! My friend Terror and I had snuck away while our girls were at dance practice to run to my house for baby goat snuggles and when we got here we found that our youngest and most annoying greeter dog was MIA. 283 more words

Goat Herd Queen, Morena

Morena is my beautiful dairy goat herd queen and she is the only doe who is pregnant this year. She is due to kid around May 30th! 73 more words

Compassionate Farming

Dairy Goats Strut Their Stuff

Nannies were on display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday, but they weren’t the matronly figures you’d expect.

The Best Dairy Goat in Show was awarded in the Pig & Goat Pavilion, with the top prize going to Naomi and Krystle Bishop for their Saanen goat named Cabalo Calendula. 301 more words

Sydney Royal Easter Show

The Panoche Valley: a place where you can't get cell signal, but you can get real food.

The Panoche Valley is in a time warp. As my father-in-law says, it’s like going back to the 1950′s. There are no cell phone signals here (thank goodness, I don’t miss it one bit now that I have a land line), few ordinary neighborhood conveniences like gas stations or chain grocery stores, and once you have been here for a bit, a very strong sense of “neighborhood”. 957 more words


Lelia Berry Memorial "Feather Boa Fuzzy" Dairy Goat Show

All right folks, here it is the 2014 Lelia Berry Memorial “Feather Boa Fuzzy” Dairy Goat Show.  This year is “Hot Pink”,  you can wear it, color your hair with it, bring your boa….be creative. 8 more words

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