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No more dairy

If I ever had any reservations about being lactose intolerant, I no longer have any. I hate milk. Which brings me to my next topic. Aren’t cows the cutest things ever? 181 more words


What's that smell?! The low-down on telling whether or not your once fresh and bountiful produce is still edible.

It happened today around 3:30 pm, a hankering for a delicious, social network post worthy smoothie.   I opened the fridge and began digging round for a mish-mosh of vitamin packed veggies and fruits to blend together into a smoothie that will, god willing, yield a vibrant color I can enhance with LoFi and post to every social media outlet. 772 more words

New Thinking

As we strive for whole health in all areas, it’s easy to get swept up in focusing all of our energy on one area. This past week, while I’ve tried to maintain balance, a lot of my mental energy has been put into thoughts of food. 1,222 more words


Drink it vegan

Milk has always been one of the most consumed food around the world. It accompanies people’s live since their birth. Is has been used to produce cheese, to bake cakes or simply to drink it as it is. 265 more words



Cheese can be prepared using many methods and addition of Renett which is a pork-derived ingredient, is common in commercial productions of Cheese. Many easily available imported cheese, especially the cream cheese varieties, contain Renett hence one has to be careful. 15 more words


Three year celebration

The little wordpress notification gnome just told me it’s three years since I registered nerdcuisine.wordpress.com! How time flies… Regular readers (if any are left) have noticed a decline in activity over the last year or so. 76 more words


Why I'm Vegan

There are many reasons why I’m vegan which are listed below. Some of these reasons may shock you. The methods used in the animal industries are disturbing and people should be make aware of how animals are treated. 626 more words