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Eggnog and Amaretto Jello Shots and Maple Egg Cream

So. I got a new job in August…and it has been kicking my butt. It is a really great opportunity and I love it. And now that I don’t collapse on the couch because I can’t make it to my room every night. 291 more words


Diet: Affecting the Expression of your Genes One Bite at a Time


The article associated with the link above is really interesting for me because I have had similar experiences, although not related to my skin. I dropped dairy products and noticed that my sinus woes improved almost immediately but I still experienced regular bouts of sinusitis. 149 more words

Open Book

This Girl Daily s an open book journal about my life, however I shall be changing names in case there are people out there who know me and might come across my blog and may like or dislike the things I write about. 65 more words

My Experience of a Livestock Auction: The Unbearable Moments of Being Vegan Among Non-Vegans

I went to a livestock auction in late November. It took me a while to process the experience because it was so traumatic.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, livestock auctions are where farmers buy and sell the animals they exploit. 594 more words


Lukshon und piteh und kase. (Hot noodles with butter, cinnamon and cheese)

When my parents became grandparents for the first time, I was fascinated to see what this new inter-generational relationship would be like, never having had grandparents of my own.   417 more words


Vegetarian & Vegan: An Ethical Divide

I want to tread carefully here in attempting to clear up a durable and damaging myth. I often hear people talk about vegetarians and vegans in the same breath, as though they’re almost one and the same with only trifling differences. 575 more words


Chestnut Diva

What is it about the Christmas holidays that spells DRAMA? Recently, I’ve been savouring a few posts on Italian dramatic events of the season – a… 809 more words