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Why I love calling people Basic Bitches, even though it's mean.

I’m having difficulty working out my feelings for the term “Basic Bitch”. On the one hand I’m so glad it exists because it describes 70% of the girls I went to school with. 1,218 more words

What's my type?

People call me fickle.  People call me picky.  People call me worse things than that.  Married people are often the worst with their sighing and their shaking of heads, as if I am some kind of deviant for not having just had done with it and had a wedding already.   2,146 more words

National Poetry Month: Poem #3: "Coming to Pieces Like Snow"

Coming to Pieces Like Snow

The golden girl with a golden dream

Longs for a time where love reigns supreme.

Her hopes are dashed; the milk’s been spilt, 317 more words

National Poetry Month

Deceptive Smoke of the Day: Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

I finally watched The Great Gatsby last night (Leo kills it, per the usual), and could not for the life of me figure out the name of the actress that plays Daisy Buchanan. 370 more words

Carey Mulligan

The Great, Greater and Greatest Gatsby


Ad Finem Fidelis

I’ve watched The Great Gatsby and I think it’s an interesting film not because Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) was there. 820 more words

Writing Challenge

1920's Skirt Finished!

After many hours spent hunched over the sewing machine, my skirt is finally finished! Overall I’m really pleased with the final garment as I think it encapsulates the spirit, glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties – I particularly love the fringing which really adds a sense of movement and swing. 73 more words