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The Antichrist Announced In The 2014 Media (part 1)

This video shows you the hidden message of the Antichrist Iblis in the 2014 media: Movies, series,world events … These messages all share the same thread: vengence, an ancient evil is coming, the return of a savior (Satan/Antichrist), the destruction of Humanity, the return of the demons. 285 more words


MH17 to Start WW3 and Open The Reign of The Antichrist (part 2)

This video contains compelling proofs that the MH17 was a false flag staged by the USA in order to blame it on Russia and to start World War 3. 1,884 more words


MH17 to Start WW3 and Open The Reign of The Antichrist (part 1)

The MH17 false flag attack has been orchestrated by the illuminatis as a trigger for 2014 WW3 in order to open the reign of their master Satan: The New World Order. 3,136 more words


The 2014 Eurovision Announces The Antichrist

This video is to confirm to you that the victory of Conchita Wurst with “Rise like a Phoenix” during 2014 Eurovision Song Contest was not by chance and that Satan/Antichrist himself has staged all the details of this ceremony: symbols, lycris, winner … 477 more words


Ilmu Islam

Kedatangan Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi dan Nabi Isa AS (3 – Habis)

Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014
505 more words


Myth of the Dajjal


I saw the above article pop up on my facebook feed today and after reading it I felt compelled to write a comment. Unfortunately the comment section of their website doesn’t seem to work so I decided to just post it as a blog here. 1,383 more words