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Dalai Lama threatens not to reincarnate

There is a news story that the Dalai Lama says he could be the last reincarnation – due to pressure from the Chinese Government. This is because the Chinese Government saying they will ‘find’ the next reincarnation on the death of the current Dalai Llama.The Chinese Communist Party has produced legislation to control reincarnation. 596 more words



Alana is happy. Alana is coming back home. Alana has put her full faith in God. She is humble. She is honest. She is not scared anymore. 47 more words

Blast From The Past - True Friends

It is coming to the end of this year and as you do, you reflect on a lot of things in your life. In the past decades lots of things have changed for me. 704 more words


Open your arms to change

Great saying for this wonderful Saturday

Rest Stop (Friday) ... stay awake in the moment

This quote from the Dalai Lama is one of the reasons why I so often speak of the importance of living in the moment. Young children tend not to want to nap or sleep, struggling to stay awake in fear that while they sleep they may miss something. 37 more words

An Open Heart

Allowing yourself to love and be loved makes life sweet.

This part of my story is on my mind today because I am in transition and will be leaving students that have been with me from a few months to 18 years… 572 more words

Divine Love