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15 Days Until Dharamsala!

Only 15 days until we leave for Dharamsala, India to work with the nunneries!  Will you help us reach our fundraising goal?  Thank you!      



The Paramita of Diligence

This represents our motivation on the path.

This Paramita is our devotion to cultivating the other five. It’s the one that really keeps us inspired to continue rather than giving up. 261 more words

How... can you 'let it be,' today? - "The Yoga Book" - Weekly Intention: Grateful to Be Alive

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Sunday, 8/31/2014 – Saturday, 9/06/2014

Weekly Question: How… can you ‘let it be,’ today? 767 more words


Love Is...

“Love is the absence of Judgement.”  ― Dalai Lama XIV


“This is my simple religion.
No need for temples,
No need for complicated philosophies,
Our own brain,
Our own heart, is our temple…
The philosophy is kindness.

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Quote Of The Day

Tre vise män/Three wise men - Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar och Deepak Chopra

In Christmas time in 1996 the Swedish TV-channel TV4 broadcast the show “Tre vise män” (in English “Three wise men”)  presenting three men from the eastern part of the world. 163 more words

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Evolution and spirituality

Hello Chris!

During my masters in psychology I attended a few classes on evolutionary psychology and I found them very interesting. Of course, I have only a general understanding of the field, but I think a few of the basic ideas are very interesting and applicable to my discussions about spirituality and every-day-life issues. 1,661 more words