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Day 13 - #100HappyDays

Today’s photo is of a quote, which I took on Saturday night, when out messing about at Hopkinson’s in Nottingham, at their event “Stop pretending art is hard”. 122 more words

The Imaginaries


A few images from a surrealist event hosted by The Lost Sugar Disco. 

Personal Works

This is… A Major New Art Monograph Series

The This is… series by Catherine Ingram and published by Laurence King is a radical rethinking of the common idea of the contemporary artists”biography’.

Forget all the boring and well-renowned ideas of historical and chronological biography because these new publications are innovative, highly visual and definitely more engaging. 224 more words


Day 38: Madrid

Day 38: Madrid

Our last day of the trip :-(

We all woke up very tired this morning. The room was really hot last night (until I figured out how to work their air conditioning system – then it was too cold for Marie and Caitlin) and I couldn’t sleep… And the noise from the square and in the hotel (Saturday night is definitely party night in Madrid) was too much for the ear plugs… Then around 6am we were rudely woken to shouted insults and angry swearing then the sound of police sirens… And the beds were too hard…When I went out on the balcony to check what it was all about there were 6-8 cops there and it appeared they’d broken up a fairly large fight… What was surprising was there must have been 150 people milling around in the square (many looked like they were just heading home from the bars). 719 more words


Keeping the Beautiful Butterfly

Design for a fashion contest under the Theme The Woman of the Future , Salvador Dalí, 1953


He who binds to himself a joy… 239 more words


Alien Transmissions

As Dalí would say
that his mustache was like antennae
with alien dimensions,
like tendrils reaching into space,
I sometimes get the feeling,
when I twirl my mustache,
that I’m changing frequencies.


REPORT: A Slice of Surrealist Cinema in the Hackney Attic

Surrealism as a cinematic genre goes further back in time than some people may realise. Although many contemporary films are described as ‘being Surreal’ or as having ‘Surrealist qualities’, the original films go back to the early 1900s and peaked during the 1920s. 793 more words

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