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The Zetter Townhouse London

Yes, its a gray and rainy day in London. Nothing at all surprising about that. But at the Zetter all is sunny and bright (in a virtual way). 260 more words


Dancing Dali

One of the great things about Surrealists is their multimedia-style. In addition to Dali, take Svankmajer and his movie on dreams. I think these videos expand their expression to a different dimension. 43 more words


Wagner, Moholy-Nagy, Klüver; Notes for Discussion. Reflection


The subject addressed in this history of different manifestos by Wagner, Noholy-Nagy and Kluver stems from the previous reading and reflection I had posted a week ago concerning Marinetti and his futurist manifesto. 581 more words


The one-step guide to genius

This week I spent a lot of time appreciating the work of two Spanish geniuses of the twentieth century: Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí. Gaudí, an architect whose work is mostly concentrated in and around Barcelona, is probably most famous for his design and early supervision of the Sagrada Familia, a monumental cathedral still under construction in the heart of the city. 468 more words


Persistence Of iPhones

Hahahah.. #picoftheday #Dali new #art #iphone

Thing to do: Dali museum

You know we really enjoy fine arts and exhibits.

In a couple days ya’ll have the chance to visit the Dali museum in a different way. 176 more words

Thing To Do In Barcelona

Discovering Dali- Hidden Pictures

Kids love looking for hidden pictures. That’s why Where’s Waldo books are still popular and the best-selling children’s magazine Highlights continues to have a hidden pictures page in every issue. 194 more words