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#Dalit #woman beaten up for taking drinking water from upper caste well - via The Times of India

4 September 2014

This is the reality of daily abuse that women from the lower caste Dalit communities face. Many Dalit communities don’t have running water and if they venture to get much needed drinking water from designated “upper caste” wells they are accused of polluting the water and are beaten up as in the case of this woman in Orissa in the link below, or raped and/or killed. 9 more words

17-year-old girl burnt alive by her stalker

21 September 2014, Kanpur, UP

A 17 year old girl from the Dalit community was doused with kerosene and set on fire by a neighbor who had been stalking her. 63 more words

The Pottallam Reader

This is the story of Catherine, my father’s mother, a peasant woman.

My grandmother was a little girl when she was married. She told me that she was about 8 or 9 years old and playing in the field one day, when her brother came looking for her to fetch her home. 1,716 more words


Subaltern India: un-ideal urbanism




Pic : Neo-Buddhist Imagery in Satpur Village, Nashik District, Maharashtra

Urban spaces are melting pots. These places are objects of survival; an aspiration for the future is nuanced in everyday existence. 397 more words

The Zest of Life: Are we really living?

How alive are you? Tomorrow I have the privilege of doing a memorial service for one of my closest friends. Although I know he is in heaven, his death has made me sad. 339 more words

Real World Faith


Daily Prompt  Nightmare Job. In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

116 more words
Daily Prompt

The Increasing Complexity of Class Conflict and Caste Cleavages

Caste remains a focal point for political mobilization in India.  But recent research also suggest that class and caste politics is being modified in new and unexpected forms. 325 more words