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Sermon 11-16-14: "Treasures in Heaven"

In our culture today, greed, like pride, has become a “respectable” kind of sin, which we too easily tolerate. In today’s scripture, however, Jesus tells us that this sin, far from being respectable, is so harmful that it has the power to distort the way we see everything else in life. 3,136 more words

The Gospel in Full Force

Wednesday Musings

“The full force of the gospel is that followers of Jesus are transformed in their spirits; they are reborn people set on their way by a new life. 100 more words

Making Disciples

Dallas Willard on anxiety

This Sunday I’ll be preaching the second of three sermons related to stewardship. My text will be Matthew 6:19-34.

I’ll be preaching as much to myself as to anyone else—as… 366 more words

Read. Think. Write.

I have always liked to read. Reading relaxes me and it gives me a chance to learn something new, to gain insight in any topic I am interested in at any given time. 603 more words


A Tight Squeeze

13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy [a that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 618 more words

Not What I DO, But Who I AM

I am not postmodern. At all. I read a lot of the literature coming out of the postmodern emergent church movement throughout the past several years. 536 more words

Christian Men

Heavy Loads vs. Flying Horses

In Matthew’s account of Jesus’ polemic against the Pharisees (my Bible titles the 23rd chapter of Matthew “The Seven Woes”), Jesus says to the crowd and his disciples: 1,469 more words