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Crows Feet

“I have to skip some Dallas Willard which makes my heart…sad” said my lead pastor.  I couldn’t tell you what he was preaching about, or what I was supposed to take away.   470 more words

I saw the Church: Discusions on The Cost of Discipleship


Our leadership team has quarterly gathering for training, development, and typically some really good breakfast and lunch. This quarter we spent the entire training day in discussion about what does it mean to really follow Jesus. 671 more words


About 3 months ago I set out for a new journey where hotels in unknown cities have become my home. I will spend the next two years of my life traveling the country with the company I work for. 420 more words

Dallas Willard

How to Pray

We know we should pray, but most of us, if we are honest, don’t really know how.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has determined to spend some time in prayer and found my thoughts wandering to things that I would never have been interested to think about otherwise. 356 more words

Spiritual Formation

Dallas Willard on David Hume and the Design Argument from Nature

Dallas Willard on David Hume’s acknowledgement of the design argument in Knowing Christ Today:

The almost irresistible impression of a “maker” of the physical universe is no doubt what Paul was referring to when he claimed that the existence and nature of God was “plain” or “shown” to humans.

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Intelligent Design

Jesus's First Words

It’s always worth listening carefully to what someone says when you first meet them. Those words can tell you a lot about the sort of impression the other wants to make, the foot they’re putting forward and even what matters to them. 484 more words

Seeing God's story

I’ve just had another lovely weekend retreat. I re-read most of “Hearing God” by Dallas Willard, read some of “We travel an appointed way” by A.W. 139 more words