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The stigmatisation of generation Y as the "Doofus generation" (Dalton, 2009)

Amy Atkins
Seminar Paper Week 4

The stigmatisation of generation Y as the “Doofus generation” (Dalton, 2009)

In his book “the Good Citizen” Dalton (2009) explains that criticising the politics of the young has been a long tradition, but it has taken on a new intensity in the current discourse on citizenship. 817 more words

Tornado hit Dalton on Sunday, NWS says

DALTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A short-lived tornado touched down in Berkshire County late Sunday afternoon, narrowly missing one house. The National Weather Service sent meteorologists to Dalton to survey damage from Sunday’s storms. 159 more words



SEAN: Good afternoon to our dearest televiewers! You are watching the award-winning game show, “ Who wants to be a Chemist Millionaire?!”….For today’s episode, we have 3 intelligent chemist players namely: Dyne of Harvard University, Desiree of University of the Philippines and Anne of Caraga Regional Science High School! 702 more words

High School Files

Circus-Themed Photo Session

This was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  I have a lot of wild animal photos I’ve taken over the years, a few fun costumes, and a niece who loves to play pretend.   57 more words

The Sun Has Gone Quiet

Details at theSI Weather, where I have selected a segment which may be of interest blog readers.

Consequences of a weak solar cycle

First, the weak solar cycle has resulted in rather benign “space weather” in recent times with generally weaker-than-normal geomagnetic storms. 333 more words



Just a few that I’ve edited from yesterday.  It was a circus-themed session and I can’t wait to see how the rest turn out.

And this next one is my favorite for obvious reasons: 35 more words

An Insomniac Attack

They’re heavy, my eyelids

Weighted and slowly closing

Chain smoked coffee breath

Acting as Atlas to an insomniac

A mind avoiding sleep as if it were death… 14 more words