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Damaged Goods

They say that you are damaged goods.
No one loves you, no one should.

Everything about you is broken.

They say that you are damaged goods… 30 more words

Streams Of Thought

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My heart breaks when I see the astounding amount of people that reblog and/or *heart* those posts.


I’m lonely without you and quite possibly lonely forever because of you. 93 more words


Damaged Goods Cast of Characters & Blurb

During last years NaNoWriMo, I wrote the first 50k words of Collide. I had a lot of fun “casting” visual actors (or models) and writing a little blurb on each key player.   1,654 more words

Damaged Goods

I listen to a lot of Joel Osteen. Some people enjoy him, some people find him an easy way to help worship when they cannot make it to their own church, and others think he is more motivational speaker than pastor. 286 more words

Writing Different Characters (And General Updates)

I have always loved weaving words together, creating people, relationships and worlds from whisps of ideas in my mind. I draw inspiration from my life experiences, from a sentence I heard or a vision I saw, be it a dream or real life. 796 more words

Well....it was a Sunday...

Guest Post Edited By: The Parliamentarian

Q: What’s this mess about a bike, a knife, and a towel ?

A:…. Oh, I went to see about a girl, and got roughed up a bit. 66 more words