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It’s nothing,
(I had another dream)
about you.
(about… kissing you)
and it’s not your fault
it’s just-
I feel like a fool
my subconscious mind… 6 more words

Hard Times

It’s been so hard to write lately. I feel as though I am being pulled from all directions and going no where. I’m being quartered and it is hurting me. 233 more words

To Spotify Support: Why was I charged $11.49?

Spotify is supposed to cost $9.99/month. Your Canadian website at https://www.spotify.com/ca-en/premium/ clearly states “only $9.99 per month” for premium. Everywhere I look it says $9.99/month. 20 more words

Damn You!

First Monday: TOUCH Part Two

We’re cycling back around to the beginning, it seems. The inaugural post in this series was from the opening chapter of TOUCH, and today’s post is from that same story. 900 more words

Amanda K Byrne

To whoever plans road closures and detours at the City of Montreal

The context

A few weeks ago my wife and I tried to drive downtown to go watch shopping for my birthday (yes). Up-front, I will take responsibility for  331 more words

Damn You!