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Freshwater Fish are Disappearing: Where is the Global Response?

Freshwater fish are global assets — like the waters they swim, they’re practically everywhere. To millions of people in the developing world, they’re a crucial source of food, often caught one line or net at a time. 857 more words


Drowned Towns - Cities Lost to Progress

Hey, my latest piece is up on Atlas Obscura! Drowned Towns: Cities Lost to Progress is about some of those towns we’ve drowned in our quest for more electricity, for more water. 6 more words


The beavers are back!

Beavers are beautiful, hard-working creatures but so destructive.  My husband has tore out their dams  seven or eight times since July and the varmints are back.   250 more words


New Camera Lens

I just recently purchased a new lens for my camera. I think I need to ask for my money back…it is taking pics of things that I don’t think are really there… 8 more words


The Dam Eagle Road Trip

Finally… after over two months of being a couch potato to heal my broken ankle; I escaped on a road trip yesterday. The weather was the typical Pacific Northwest winter — rainy and gray, not exactly the best weather for landscape photography. 457 more words


(A few) Problems with dams

I’m still reading a lot about rivers, and fish, and dams. Here are some particular standouts from the last week:

1. There is a connection between damming rivers and damage to coastal human communities; without the dam, sediment would end up on the shore, and support wetlands and other plant communities that would absorb storm surges. 1,111 more words

Land And Land Spirits


They begin their journey free on the mountains, bouncing along merrily for hundreds of kilometers, carving paths where none exist, taking lives when they please, turning into the incarnation of the devil himself at will. 616 more words