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War dams

Bombed, breached, hacked … dams have a long history as weapons of war, seized on or attacked for their capacity to wreak massive havoc and suffering. 642 more words

Dams And Landslides

recycled water - what's the scoop?

People across the globe are facing water scarcity as our water use increases but supplies stay the same. One option to deal with water scarcity is the use of recycled water.  228 more words


'Realised' Vietnam scraps plans for 12 mega dams, will Sarawak do same?

HO CHIN MINH: The Ministry of Industry and Trade has scrapped 12 planned hydropower projects citing low economic benefits and high social and environmental risks, said Dang Huy Cuong, head of the General Department of Energy. 315 more words


California Water Management Fails Epically

Michael Reagan states the obvious:

In response to the shortage of water, the California Water Resources Board wants to institute a punitive fine of $500/day for people it calls “water hogs.” 217 more words


Vogel, E. (2012). Parcelling Out the Watershed: The Recurring Consequences of Organising Columbia River Management within a Basin-Based Territory. Water Alternatives, 5(1), 161–190.

Vogle’s account of watershed governance – its history and future – in the Columbia River provides a useful account of, first, the premise used for a reorganization of watershed management, and second, an application of this ideal conception of watershed governance to the Columbia River.  508 more words

Reading Reflections

Kuenzer, C., Campbell, I., Roch, M., Leinenkugel, P., Tuan, V. Q., & Dech, S. (2012). Understanding the impact of hydropower developments in the context of upstream–downstream relations in the Mekong river basin. Sustainability Science, 8(4), 565–584.

This article provided an extensive review of hydropolitics in the Mekong River basin, along with geographical, hydrological, and socio-economic analysis of dam development along the Mekong and its tributaries.  250 more words

Reading Reflections