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Dan Brown's Inferno, Bio-Plagues, Quarantine, and Ebola

One of the bits of incidental information we learned from Dan Brown’s 2013 novel, Inferno, is that the English-language word “quarantine” comes from the Italian word… 216 more words


My Top 3 Favorite Books And Why I'm So Incredibly Emotionally Attached To Them

I have always been a crazily avid reader. Recently, my mother went on a tirade, blaming my lack of navigation skills on the fact that my entire life my face has always been shoved in a book (especially during long car rides). 497 more words


One of the many reasons I love the movie, The Da Vinci Code is the relationship between Langdon and Sophie. Thankfully Dan Brown did not make their relationship a romantic one. 261 more words

Ruth Burkett Weeks

Mini-Reviews, Anyone?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last cross-posted my Goodreads reviews.  I stared at these ones for ages trying to figure out a theme, but none sprang to mind.   876 more words


Filme și cărți fără recenzie

Probabil că vi s-a întâmplat și vouă ca cel puțin o dată să citiți o carte sau să vedeți un film, iar când cineva vă întreabă cum a fost, să fiți în incapacitatea de a-i da un răspuns concludent. 782 more words


Injustice to Humanities

I recently read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, and I don’t care what the critics say but it’s such an intriguing book. Forget the fact that it’s not very well planned out and that there are loopholes in most of the revelations, I think the insight into the Science vs Faith conflict was very well explained. 694 more words



The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis” – excerpt from Dante’s inferno.
This really inspired me.